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Script needed - Paying job

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is interested in being paid to make a small script to modify bitmap parameters in the attached image.

I will need the script to be able to modify all the parameters highlighted in red and it will need to work on bitmaps nested inside all the differnt Vray materials & maps such as multi-sub, 2 sided, etc.

Also the ability to easily choose which objects or materials to apply it to

A good example of something similar is VMC by Olly http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vmc-vray-material-control

clone reference object with instanced modifier

for example there are 3 objects - one source and two References with common instanced modifiers.

need to clone those 3 objects and keep all modifiers instanced, but source object as Copy

I mean there will be two different source objects, each of it has two Reference clones and all four References has instanced modifiers

please specify cost of script and i will pay via PayPal

Programmer for scripts 3D Max or Maya, you should speak RUSSIAN language!!!


I am looking for a programmer who can write scripts for 3D Max or Maya,
he should speak Russian and have mathematical background.

Please Send me Email so we can speak about Jobs


Maksym Khirnyy

New materials from names


So I've tried to find some script that would help me with some problem and I do not think that exists. After that had an idea to maybe do it on my own, cause from idea perspective is simple, but I am such retard in the matter of programming, that I give up. Anyone is able to help with it? And how much it will cost? As I understand it should be fairly simple for someone who knows MS...

What the problem is:
For each selected mesh create new basic material named the same as the mesh and assign this material to correspond mesh.

Best Regards!

Custom Script wanted, paid work

Hey Scripters, this is a simple gig, nothing too complicated. It will mostly be copying things from the Listener to make a sort of Macro. But here's what I need the Script to do, in this order preferably.

!! Script needs to run on 3ds Max 2013 !!

> Select all Geometry and reset Transform (may need to open Groups first)
> Group everything, and name the Group identical to the .max filename (without the .max file extension in the name)
> Put that on a Layer with the same name (and delete all other layers)

Script manager system + Menu system, budget $50-100

What is it?
I. A system that helps me manage the huge amount of loose scripts I have downloaded from Internet, eg ScriptSpot and such
It helps me by building menus, toolbars and also supports a header system (injects header data into other scripts for later use)
There is also a restore function that is used on new Max installations to make it look like it was before eg, an uninstallation
II. A script that lets you create a menu, generated from a script and/or lets you export an existing menu and reimport it.
The menu has sub-menus

Features I need:

Very basic script work needed

We are trying to write a script which is to arrange shapes using a Fibonacci formula. Is there any one who would be able to do this for us, help us? Its very very basic scripting.

Batch: Import, Texture, Light, Unwrap and Render.

Hello Script Enthusiasts,

I have been presented with an engagement to take a series of simple models typically representing a portion of an office floor. The model being provided is a .DAE.

The objective is:
1. Import the file
2. Take the named floor and ceiling geometry and texture with a standardized texture.
3. Delete all geometry named glass
4. Apply white override to remaining wall geometry.
5. Add lighting with GI
6. Collapse geometry and bake to single texture (1024, 2048, or 4096)
7. Saved format to be confirmed.

Скрипт на 3ds max

Hello! Interested script on 3d max. We need to create a script to render the modular kitchen furniture. We have about 15 episodes (variations). All modules in the series of the same size, different color only buildings and facades, and countertops.
We need a script that will be set for a certain logic modules in the mood of the scene, render, change the color of the facades and the body, countertops and make a new rendering with a new series of kitchen furniture. It is necessary to automate this process in 3DS Max.

Paid Script Job - Render to Texture

can someone write a script that render to texture, renders out a normal map? flat fee is 150$.

2 objects in scene, low_mesh and high_mesh. low mesh has proper uvs on channel 1, render to texture dialog, add projection map, add high_mesh as sub object, add normal map 2048x2048, then render out a proper normal map with the information from the high object on there.