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Pipeline TD needed for Scanline VFX

Scanline VFX is currently hiring for our Los Angeles studio.

Pipeline Developer

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Works with the Head of Technology to architect and develop production tools and supporting modules in a Max and/or Mel scripting language environment. Primary responsibilities include automating the use of Flowline, our proprietary, Academy Award-winning simulation software -- connecting it to our asset management system and creating an optimized workflow according to long-term and production-specific needs.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

Ubik studio (part of Ubisoft Montreal) is looking for a good Max scripter

If your interested send your resume to [email protected]

>> 14 Years of 3dsmax - Maxscript Freelancer looking for Jobs


Hi there!

Hope you are looking for a talented person that can solve you maxscript challenge! Don't worry, you in the right spot.

Just drop me a mail on martinandersen3d mailA gmail.com with the details.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)

Martin Andersen


Script needed - Paying job

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is interested in being paid to make a small script to modify bitmap parameters in the attached image.

I will need the script to be able to modify all the parameters highlighted in red and it will need to work on bitmaps nested inside all the differnt Vray materials & maps such as multi-sub, 2 sided, etc.

Also the ability to easily choose which objects or materials to apply it to

A good example of something similar is VMC by Olly http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vmc-vray-material-control

3d artist


We are going to start a big project (many to come ) on IOS and Android and we are looking for one that master 3ds Max artist to partnership with us via share revenue on the product.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards

Creating an ASCII Text file for ArcGIS from existing Terrain

What I need is a MAXScript that will sample an existing terrain on a grid

that is n columns by n rows with a specified interval for each. For

example: 10 columns by 10 rows with 10m between each column and 10m

between each row.

All the script needs to do is start with a point in the upper left hand

corner of the array, project a test ray in the negative Z direction, once

that ray intersects with the terrain below write that elevation along

with the point number to a .txt file and then move the point to the next

Need assistance: 3ds Max Scripting

Dear all,

We are looking for someone who can temporarily support us in 3ds Max scripting. We are a advertising agency called "A-SIGN" and we are located in Switzerland.

Please contact us by eMail ([email protected]) if you are interested.

Thank you!


3DS Max scripter


Diakrit is a company based in Sweden, China and Thailand we make high-end visualizations for real estate companies. We are looking to hire 3DS max scripters for our office in Bangkok. Freelancers could be of interest to.

Best regards
[email protected]
Martin Fritze

Design Connected | Connecter

Design Connected is looking for talented Max scripters to join the team behind Connecter - our popular free digital assets manager for 3d artists:
If you have a positive attitude about writing well-structured, reliable and maintainable code and possibly a good practical knowledge about 3ds Max workflows, Vray and other renderers, materials and assets, different file formats, etc., drop us a line and let's discuss the options to work together: [email protected]

URGENT - Run MassFX simulations tracking ball location needed

I need to script ASAP. I have a 3d max file with MassFX physics of a bowling ball game which is setup, it's like http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3ds-skee-ball-skee-ball/362629 (with the others alley's removed). The file is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hy0ycu55vcdvu8/skee_ball_final_phys2.zip?v=0swn-

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