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Nitrous Driver Hidden features?

Looking for someone who can make a tool if possible, to disable Texture filtering in Max viewport for Nitrous direct3D 11 in for 3DS Max.
Can pay !

Custom Script wanted, paid work

Hey Scripters, this is a simple gig, nothing too complicated. It will mostly be copying things from the Listener to make a sort of Macro. But here's what I need the Script to do, in this order preferably.

!! Script needs to run on 3ds Max 2013 !!

> Select all Geometry and reset Transform (may need to open Groups first)
> Group everything, and name the Group identical to the .max filename (without the .max file extension in the name)
> Put that on a Layer with the same name (and delete all other layers)

Freelancer Needed / MAXScript / Import Motion Data /XYZ and Yaw, Pitch and Roll

Looking for someone to write a script to import motion data (x,y,z and rotation/yaw,pitch and roll) into 3dsmax. The data would be in a spreadsheet format
expressing the xyz and yaw,pitch and roll rotation in separate columns in 1/30th of a
second. Please reply if interested. Thx.


Looking for 3d MAX scripter

ArchiCGI is looking for a talented Middle/Senior Maxscript Developer for remote work.
The main goal is to port a working CRM into the 3DSmax. This 3DSmax Plugin should be online and connected with our CRM all the time.
I am ready to discuss all the details in private messages. Thanks for attention.

Looking for Script freelancer for importing 3D models to 3DS Max

Indie-game devs team is looking for a script freelancer who would be able to develop a custom script for importing modified 3D model files to 3DS Max from Cryengine. All necessery files and information will be provided. Financial award is promised, of course.
If interested - contact me with PM's or on my Email: [email protected]

Programmer for scripts 3D Max or Maya, you should speak RUSSIAN language!!!


I am looking for a programmer who can write scripts for 3D Max or Maya,
he should speak Russian and have mathematical background.

Please Send me Email so we can speak about Jobs


Maksym Khirnyy

New materials from names


So I've tried to find some script that would help me with some problem and I do not think that exists. After that had an idea to maybe do it on my own, cause from idea perspective is simple, but I am such retard in the matter of programming, that I give up. Anyone is able to help with it? And how much it will cost? As I understand it should be fairly simple for someone who knows MS...

What the problem is:
For each selected mesh create new basic material named the same as the mesh and assign this material to correspond mesh.

Best Regards!

Looking For 3D Modeling Artist at ThePro3DStudio

Job Responsibilities

  • Creating photorealistic 3D models.
  • Work closely with the team of modeling and texturing.
  • Will be responsible for creating low poly & high poly models.
  • Ability to visualize model dimensions and proportions.
  • Should have detailed UV unwrapping knowledge.
  • Should produce high quality work within agreed timeframes.
  • Ability to communicate and work as a good team player.

Talented Scripter!

Looking for a talented scripter that can help us extend an existing tool, and/or rewrite it.

Must have good knowledge of material librarys, xrefs, external data and interfaces(dotnet).

Please contact me with references of recent projects.

Determine point coordinates in screen space

I could use some help developing a script to write down coordinates of an object in rendered frame space into a text file. For example, if the object is in right top corner of the screen - the file output should be like this:

It is similar to a tracking algorithm, I believe, but I need to have these text files for my animations anyway.

The animations will be presented as file sequences, and represent turn-table models. So trajectories of the objects being tracked will be elliptic.

Willing to pay a fee.

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