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3d artist


We are going to start a big project (many to come ) on IOS and Android and we are looking for one that master 3ds Max artist to partnership with us via share revenue on the product.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards

3d MAX scripter for Connecter project


Design Connected is looking for talented Max scripters to join the team behind Connecter - our popular free digital assets manager for 3d artists:
If you have a positive attitude about writing well-structured, reliable and maintainable code and possibly a good practical knowledge about 3ds Max workflows, Vray and other renderers, materials and assets, different file formats, etc., drop us a line and let's discuss the options to work together.
We have open positions for full-time in house as well as part-time distance work.

3ds Max programmer/scripter needed (Freelance, PAID)

Name: Christoph Werner
Company: 3D Schuhdesign
Location: Germany
Kind of job offer: Freelance, paid
Project duration: Depending on your offer
Project start: Asap
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.3dschuhdesign.de

Job description:
3D Schuhdesign is a company located in germany. We create solutions for the shoe industry. New production methods are researched and applied on the basis of 3D Graphics.

3DS Max scripter


Diakrit is a company based in Sweden, China and Thailand we make high-end visualizations for real estate companies. We are looking to hire 3DS max scripters for our office in Bangkok. Freelancers could be of interest to.

Best regards
[email protected]
Martin Fritze

3ds Max Trainer

Babane Spot is a training center based at Malakoff (close to Paris).
To develop our activities we are looking for a 3DS Max Freelance trainer

For more informations and to contact us click on the link below :


Babane Spot -
Studio and Training center

>> 14 Years of 3dsmax - Maxscript Freelancer looking for Jobs


Hi there!

Hope you are looking for a talented person that can solve you maxscript challenge! Don't worry, you in the right spot.

Just drop me a mail on martinandersen3d mailA gmail.com with the details.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)

Martin Andersen


anyone teaching maxscript online

hi anyone taeching maxscript online? please pm me your price, thank you.

Batch: Import, Texture, Light, Unwrap and Render.

Hello Script Enthusiasts,

I have been presented with an engagement to take a series of simple models typically representing a portion of an office floor. The model being provided is a .DAE.

The objective is:
1. Import the file
2. Take the named floor and ceiling geometry and texture with a standardized texture.
3. Delete all geometry named glass
4. Apply white override to remaining wall geometry.
5. Add lighting with GI
6. Collapse geometry and bake to single texture (1024, 2048, or 4096)
7. Saved format to be confirmed.

Biped Animation to Regular Custom FBX Skeleton

Is there a way to transfer biped animations onto a regular skeleton that I have made already?

I have animations on Bipeds and I have a custom skeleton as well. I wish to use the Biped for my animations because it is preference. But now I need it retargeted to the custom rig because this custom rig has IK Bones and such, that are not created with Bipeds.

clone reference object with instanced modifier

for example there are 3 objects - one source and two References with common instanced modifiers.

need to clone those 3 objects and keep all modifiers instanced, but source object as Copy

I mean there will be two different source objects, each of it has two Reference clones and all four References has instanced modifiers

please specify cost of script and i will pay via PayPal

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