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6 votes

Default MAX interface with all plugins and scripts added.

AutoCAD Commands

16 votes

Adds a toolbar with all AutoCAD Commands on it. Unzip all .CUI files in the UI folder and the ACAD.MCR file in uimacroscripts. A new AutoCAD toolbar will be created in all Interfaces.


7 votes

This is a script to use as a blank item in your quad menus

CUI Merge

7 votes

Copy Toolbars - Tabs and Colors between Custom User Interface presets.

Custom Icon Maker

15 votes

Render the current scene to a set of icons. Create libraries - copy icons from one library to another.


4 votes

Adds Coordinate System - Pivot and Scale/NU/Squash switches to the Control-RightClick Menu. Copy into STDPLUGSSTDSCRIPTS and restart MAX 3.


14 votes

A Macroscript that just executes the FreeSceneBitmaps() function in MAXScript. Very useful for freeing up memory after a render.


7 votes

Capture the display of an active viewport to a bitmap


8 votes

Icons to be used by these scripts.

MacroCollector Right Click Menu

17 votes

This script collects all your MacroScripts at MAX Startup - and pop'em up in a new RightClick menu.

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