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4 votes

Hi, Do you like to customize 3dsmax UI colors? So if yes you'll like this script. :)

Toggle Time & Command -Panels

30 votes

This script creates 2 Bars, one at the bottom, one at the right. Clicking a bar toggles the visibility of the UIPanels next to it in default config. Rightclick closes a bar.

Have phun


70 votes


Because I find the old icons set clearer and more visually efficient that the one currently provided with 3dsMax since release 2010, I wrote this little script to install it again properly.

WkOldStyleLook - a WerwacK script




ScreenEdge UI

59 votes

This script runs a script / changes a setting when you click on one of the edges of the UI (left, right, top) and even provides for alternates when pressing left/middle/right button and ctrol/shift/alt keyboard.


When you first run this script nothing is displayed on the screen. It doesn't have a UI per se, it just "works" after you run it.

Paint and Effect Shell Launcher - Macroscripts

13 votes

Icons and MacroScripts to Launch Paint* and Effect* directly from Max toolbar. Edit the script to set Paint* and Effect* paths...

Viewport Layout ShortCuts - MacroScripts

17 votes

Icons and MacroScripts to quickly switch the display scheme. (Part of the Max Bonus files)

MacroCollector Right Click Menu

17 votes

This script collects all your MacroScripts at MAX Startup - and pop'em up in a new RightClick menu.

Manipulate System - Beta Stage

15 votes

This script lets you manipulate almost every max primitives and lights. It adds 2 new entry in your RCMenu : 'Manipulate' & 'un-manip'.


14 votes

A Macroscript that just executes the FreeSceneBitmaps() function in MAXScript. Very useful for freeing up memory after a render.


6 votes

Default MAX interface with all plugins and scripts added.

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