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Hi, Do you like to customize 3dsmax UI colors? So if yes you'll like this script. :)


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Because I find the old icons set clearer and more visually efficient that the one currently provided with 3dsMax since release 2010, I wrote this little script to install it again properly.

WkOldStyleLook - a WerwacK script




Toggle Time & Command -Panels

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This script creates 2 Bars, one at the bottom, one at the right. Clicking a bar toggles the visibility of the UIPanels next to it in default config. Rightclick closes a bar.

Have phun

ScreenEdge UI

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This script runs a script / changes a setting when you click on one of the edges of the UI (left, right, top) and even provides for alternates when pressing left/middle/right button and ctrol/shift/alt keyboard.


When you first run this script nothing is displayed on the screen. It doesn't have a UI per se, it just "works" after you run it.

AutoCAD Commands

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Adds a toolbar with all AutoCAD Commands on it. Unzip all .CUI files in the UI folder and the ACAD.MCR file in uimacroscripts. A new AutoCAD toolbar will be created in all Interfaces.

Viewport Layout Shortcuts

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Icons and MacroScripts to quickly switch the display scheme.


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Default MAX interface with all plugins and scripts added.


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This is a script to use as a blank item in your quad menus


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Icons to be used by these scripts.


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VIZBonus.CUI and all Icons needed to run it.