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Rock Generator 2 2018

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Rock Generator V2 2018 Script for 3dsMax

This script generates procedural random shaped rocks both low poly and highpoly.
Lowpoly mesh matches too close to highpoly mesh so you can easily bake normal map from highpoly to lowpoly.
Lowpoly mesh is automatic relaxed uvw mapped.
Lowpoly mesh has clear non-overlapping uvs.
You can change advanced parameters or you can simply click "random seed" then click "generate detailed rock" it will give totally different results.
If you want to create same rock more than once, you can use same seed number to generate rock.


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Hi there!

I've put together another small script, this time to quickly add HDR environments to your scenes. It's got a simple and intuitive interface, but I'll quickly go over some of the functionality. (There's also a video if you prefer, see below.)

Select HDR Map:
Here you can specify which map to load in to your scene's environment.

Artakan Architect Desktop

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Artakan Architect Desktop is a useful tool for architects to meet their needs and is an efficient tool.

Environment Generator

14 votes

Generates environment with options for surface - sunlight - land - sky - fog - previewing and rendering.
Updated for max and viz 4.x by swami*


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Vulcania is a generator of landscapes entirely integrated to max providing a help to the creation of natural environments. It makes it possible to manage the reliefs and the water levels - the ciels and the effects atmosphetic of fog - the horizon and the sun - the natural materials of the grounds. It is built on the principle of using only the tools available in the standard version of max.


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This program is a script made for 3D Studio Max 3 allowing to create underwater worlds from a parameter selection usually taking time to set.

Asteroid Generator

34 votes

Helps in creating isolated asteroid or asteroid field in a space zone defined by the user.

MaxMounts Pro

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Wave Plans

12 votes

Welcome in the Generator of Corrugated Plans version 3.1. This program corresponds to a made up script for 3d Studio max 3.0. Its function consists in creating draped surfaces animables simulating - the water levels or the benches of dunes.

Environment System

7 votes

For creating enviorments with very nice looking water and clouds. Lots of parameters for sun position - clouds - haze etc. This script is not compiled - please read the note in the script before modifying it.