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Generates a text file containing all the necessary particle data. It attempts to standardize the particle systems and output the data in a unified manner.

Particle Cloner

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Clones a particle array a user-specified number of times - changing the random number seed values for each instance.


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Will convert a SuperSpray - Pcloud or PArray to any other of the three systems - keeping as many parameters as it can with the conversion.

PFlow Crowd Coloring

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PFlow Script Operator. Changes UV coordinates of instanced shape according to position of particle. Example file only

FX Optimizer

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Will change various particle system related values globally for all selected systems - even between dissimilar particle systems.


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Per vertex particles, birth & vector script
If u need to build with particles (...I need!) and u have no plugins doing it,
it's the time to start coding!

U can use this file for your application, remeber to collapse or assign an 'edit mesh' to your Container (this is the name for your mesh) Ciao!

PRT Updater/Manager

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A tool I wrote to manage multiple PRT Loaders in a scene. It was especially useful for updating files when I was using one cache for multiple loaders with an offset, since Instancing wasn't an option. Aside from that, there are simple controls to update some of the main PRT Loader attributes quickly and on multiple loaders.

Here's a quick demonstration video of the tool >>> https://vimeo.com/130000485



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Creates a particle system with facemapped particles that look like smoke.


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This script is designed to quickly creation of realistic dust particles or dandelion fluff flying in the air based on the geometry.