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Smart Vrmesh Converter

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-- Copy by Click
-- V1.0

-- How it works?
-- 1. Select objects
-- 2. Execute CopybyClick
-- 3. Click to make a instance of selection
-- 4. ESC or rightclick to cancel

------------------------ THE CODE ------------------------

macroScript CopybyClick
tooltip:"Copy by Click"


fn CopyClick =
maxOps.cloneNodes $ cloneType:#instance newNodes:&nnl
select nnl
p = point pos:Sel.center
p.pos.z = 0
ClickPos = pickPoint snap:#2D ()
ArrayFiltroGroupHead = #()

Circle Array

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Like 3ds Max Array tool but with custom picked rotate axis.
The rest you can see in the screenshot.


Modifier Instancer

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This simple scripts allows you to instance some or all modifiers of an object into large number of objects.

- just pick the source object

- select the modifiers that are going to be instanced. Press CTRL for multiple selection.

- select target objects


version history:

version 0.5

-Selected objects automatically will be added to the target list.


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Takes a selection and reduces the selection to include only a single instance from each set of instances.


Make a sphere and instance it once. Make a 3rd sphere, copy it once. Select all 4 spheres. Run the script in UI mode. Hit Do. Now your 3rd, 4th and either the 1st or 2nd sphere is selected.


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Scatter a list of objects across a surface, you can make them randomly change the scale, rotation and tilt. For example placing trees, plants, rocks, etc.


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Finds instances of the selected object and does various things to them such as selecting them - printing their names - etc.

Copy Replace

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Turns a selection of objects into instances or references of another object.

Fixed in v 2.0:

  • Instances outside the selection are not replaced anymore. (Thanks to Anubis)
  • Added the option to choose between instance or reference
  • Changed the "Button name" to "Copy replace"


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A toolbar button that replaces the selected objects with instances of the object you pick after hitting the button. In other words - a UI version of maxscript's InstanceReplace command.


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Little utility to copy/instance and parent many objects at once