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Here is a little script I wrote a while ago. Basically, it converts all selected objects into Vray Proxy format. The main difference between this script and standard quad menu that comes with Vray, is that script preserves instanced objects, so the resulting Vray Proxys will be instanced and this, in turn, will save memory during render. Besides, it lets you select and convert entire groups of objects, without opening them. And finally, the most useful part of it – it keeps original meshes in the same folder as Vray meshes, and can restore original geometry back in scene, all with one click. Of course, it won’t restore geometry, converted to Vray mesh using default tool, only converted with this script.

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Here is a demonstration object. It consists of several groups, which, in turn, have instanced objects inside. Each color represents set of instanced objects. What I'm going to do is convert entire group with all subgroups into Vray Proxy format while keep instances instanced :) Then, I'm going to revert this operation simply by running this script again.

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control del numero de proxies

el script es muy bueno solo necesita tener la opcion de controlar el numero de poligonos para los proxies, porque 10,000 es un numero que no funciona en muchos objetos...

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Good work. Thank you. 100% workşng , easy and usefull

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vrayproxy-switcher by onodi.andras works 100%

Ok, If there is no support, I would recommend to other people who would like to convert their instances, objects to proxies and back quickly this script:

I have tested this script on a few big projects and works without any problem compare Smart Vrmesh Converter
So you can get back your objects, modify them and again convert to proxies. vrayproxy-switcher is 100% right working!
Sorry cooper, but it is true :( Your script would be great, but it is not working properly...sorry for add to another product.
Best regards.

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It is not working properly :((

Hi. Unfortunately I have just lost a few hours of work. Never mind... :) The script works fine just in "first step". It means, I can select objects and convert them as proxies. That works fine. But when I will try to convert back to mesh and modify mesh and again convert to proxy, then proxy is NOT modified! Proxy is as same as in a first step. Same problem like crystal3d.

Pleas, could you repair it? This could be very useful script, but this bug is doing this script half working.

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little fix for browse button

little fix for browse button add this line

if vrmesh_path != undefined then 
    saveto.text = vrmesh_path					
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Hey there

I really liked your script. I was starting to write something similar and ran into yours; so i took it and add an interface to make it a bit more functional.

Anyway, im sharing the version i made so you can use it if you'd like

cooper-smartvrmeshconverter3.mcr 3.32 KB
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My other question about it is,

is there a way to clear the identification or a converted model, i want your script the the mesh as a new mesh.

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Updating proxies

hello and thanks for this effort,
I am using it for months now and untill now, i did not know that it had a problem when updating the original meshes.
here s the problem:

if you convert a box to a proxy (for example) and revert it back to initial mesh, everything is fine, but if you edit the "reverted mesh"( means the box that was converted to proxy and back to initial mesh) all modifications are lost.

the script creates a proxy but can not overwrite the proxy nor the max file.

what the script need doing IMO:

when a proxy is reverted back to normal mesh, the script should clear any data belonging to that mesh.

i can give explain more if you like.

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hi man great script , but

hi man great script , but there is something strange with it , when i group a large group of instanced objects it exports a vrmesh for every single one of them and use only one.
example : group of instanced 100 objects , it will export 100 identical vrmsh files and only use one of them , can this be fixed cuz it takes looooooot of time to export those unneeded vrmeshes.

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Can you add " convert group

Can you add " convert group to mesh" feature to your marvelous script?

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