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AndyE Tools v1.0

36 votes

Animation Baker

15 votes

not long ago i have animated object by expression connected to timeline and i need bake this animation but every baker i found was not be able to bake this animation so i wrote this baker myself so if you have problem with baking animations this script maybe helps you

- fixed some bugs


4 votes

It gets the scale of your object in system unit and rescale it . For example if I have a head modell that has a width of 1.55 cm (incorrect) and I want it to be 20 cm without try and error then I use Auto Scale

Base Pivot

3 votes

This script will set the pivot point of all selected objects to be at the centre of their bases.

Biped Pivot Points

5 votes

This script will toggle through the most common pivot points of a biped’s foot to help speed the creation of animations.


1 vote

Boujou2max plug-in poster

Boujou2max imports raw markers from Boujou as an animated cubes or dummies. This is a good solution for raw motion tracking without camera solve.


6 votes

Run this script to check if objects have 0 -0 -0 rotation


6 votes

Run this script to check your objects for non uniform scale


2 votes

Run this script to check if objects have been collapsed to the origin [0 -0 -0]


15 votes

Similar to array, but always rotates your objects to make a complete circle.

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