AndyE Tools v1.0

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Andy E

  1. biped bone selector
    Biped Bones Selector:Not only selecting biped bones , but also selecting related objects , like Dummies 态Points and Bending Joints etc, attached to Biped.
  2. MEA
    Multiple Envelopes Adjuster:Adjust multiple envelopes at a time.
  3. bbs
    Envelope Tweaker :It supports more detailed tools to manipulate envelope's cross sections and 2 points.
  4. Add or Remove Bones
    Add or Remove Bones :To add or remove bones from SKIN modifier. It can process many bones at a time.
  5. Select envelope soruce objects
    Select envelope soruce objects :Selecting envelope source objects by one click.
  6. Sequence Bones
    Sequence Bones :Create sequence bones between 2 points.
  7. Biped Dummy Joint
    Biped Dummy Joint :Add a dummy as a joint between two biped bones.
  8. Biped Bending Joint
    Biped Bending Joints :Add bending joints to upper arms or thights. Select any bone of the biped to create bending joints.
  9. Viewport Setter
    Viewport Setter :Choose a viewport layout .
  10. Hide by Category
    Hide by Category :Hide or display objects by categroy.
  11. Hex Color
    Hex Color :Get Hex number of color.
  12. Random sub selection
    Random sub selection :Change sub selection under main selection.
  13. MultiModifiers Adjuster
    MultiModifiers Adjuster :Adjust Objects' common attributes.
  14. Multiple Point Caches
    Multiple Point Caches :Recording selected object's point cache one by one.
  15. Global smooth
    Global smooth :Turn all objects' MeshSmooth or TurboSmooth modifiers on/off.
  16. Bender
    Bender :Make object bending. I used this script to make cartoon style hair.
  17. Export Obj Sequence
    Export Obj Sequence :Exporting selected Object's mesh/polygon structure to obj format file frame by frame. Sequence Obj is sometimes used to process object of varying meshes/polygons such as fluid during animation .
  18. Object Visibility
    Object Visibility :Control object's visibility during animation.
  19. Poly verts to Cloth verts
    Poly verts to Cloth verts :Sometimes select Cloth verts is very difficult. Using the script, you can select verts in EditPoly/EditablePoly mode , and then convert selection to Cloth vets.
  20. Transform Collapse
    Transform Collapse :Convert curve of transform to keys on every frame.
  21. Add helper to selection
    Add helper to selection :You can add Point/Dummy to selection.
  22. Select objects by material
    Select objects by material :Select objects by entering the material name or by selecting materail ball in material editor.
  23. Replace Objects Names
    Replace Objects Names :Replace old string with new string of selected objects' name.
  24. Easy align
    Easy align :Align objects by selecting 2 objects as 2 sides for align.



This pack includes 24 scripts I often used in my daily working.

How to install?
1.Download this zip file.
2.Unzip the zip file, then put these 2 folders (Scripts , ui) to 3DS MAX root path.
3.Start 3DS MAX
4.Go to menu [Customize > Customize User Interface ]
5.A dialog box appeared. Go to [ Menus > Category]. In Categroy select "AndyE Tools".


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008
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blackfoxeye's picture

Where to download ?

Download link is dead.

Where can I find the download link?

User should host their script at or update their link.

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how about hosting scripts

how about hosting scripts here on scriptspot - your website seems to be out of date and obviously not hosting the script which makes this scriptspot entry useless.

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i can not find the download

i can not find the download

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hallo, sorry sir, but i can

sorry sir, but i can not find the download for your "andye tools v1.0" script in your site.

the download is blocked?
how can I do?

tnk ;)

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