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Add Physique

4 votes

Adds a Physique modifier to the selected object. Allows Physique to be linked to the right click menu


2 votes

This script adds the ClothFX modifier

Automized EyeBlinks

9 votes

A really fast method of creating keyframes for Eyeblinks.
Choose from 2 methods:
1. User defined eyeblinks (animate Eyeblinks in real time)
2. Automized Eyeblink patterns (with customizable randomness) over any time range.


13 votes

This is a script that enables you to bake inherited transformations onto the root node of a Biped. For example – you may have an animation where the biped is parented under another controlling object – but you need to convert that animation back no regular Biped keys on the root node ( in world space ) … this script will do that for you.

Bip Explorer

2 votes

"Load a directory of .bip files and double click on one to load it. Great for game companies using mocap.

Has a button to quickly move the animation to the origin. "

Biped Cataloger

6 votes

Point this script at a directory of .bip files and it will generate AVIs showing what each .bip does. This makes it handy when working with multiple .bips in production because you can look at a directory of AVIs to find the proper file.

Biped Dumper

7 votes

Takes the selected parts of a biped and converts them to objects that have their transforms collapsed. Your biped will not be affected.

Biped Selector

6 votes

"This script is made for Character Studio animators. It creates a floaterinterface allowing easier selection of biped's different bodyparts. Thisversion is turned to macroscript for easier usage. New feature is biped listthat allows to select multiple bipeds. Biped list is saved with .max file forlater use."

Biped Selector

6 votes

This script makes selecting biped bones a breeze. A floating window contains an intuitive graphical selection of buttons to allow the user to quickly select any biped limb.


6 votes

A collection of tools for artists extensively using character studio. Included tools include Show Bipeds - Select biped - Figure mode - Thumb select - Select biped child - Hide biped - Box display - Select com -Select fingers - Select biped children and more... Click for a screenshot detailing each feature.

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