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 Joint Bend Rig Elbow Setup PreviewJOINT BEND RIG Shoulder Setup Preview

A Tool to greatly speed up and simplify the process of skinning the joints of characters,especially shoulders and hips which are notoriously difficult to skin. THE NEW VERSION 2 OF THE JOINT BEND RIG HAS A BIAS CONTROL TO CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF TWIST IN THE JOINT


Copy \ Paste Biped animation

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Quick copy and paste Biped animation to another biped from one instance of max and paste them into another.

Copy/Paste Biped Animation V 1.0
- Main idea Tools.
- macroscript file.

Updated :
Copy/Paste Biped Animation V 2.0
- Added some option for copy or paste.
- Added paste replace or merge bip motion as option.

Skin Or Die

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The SkinOrDie Script is a set of tools which will improve your workflow for skinning enormously. It's intention is to completly replace the interface of the standard max skin modifier and give you a more intuitive one.

Worker of Biped

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Based on Blur's Biped Worker, this script creates a floater interface allowing easier selection of a biped's different body parts. It will simultaneously support several Bipeds with different bone setups. Multi-bone (Control-Click), hierarchical (Shift-Click), symmetry and opposite selections are also supported, as are the setting of commonly use pivot points all within the GUI.

Santa Mirror Morph

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Help you to create mirror morph target like left sneer to right sneer etc.After using default mirror tool you cannot use the model as morph target. You can use this script to mirror the morph targets ( basically for creating left eye brow up right eyebrow up etc.) Copy the target what you want to mirror. pick the head and copied target object. click the mirror button to create mirror morph.

Rigging Army Knife

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This is an advanced toolset for rigging. For a full features list refer to the included readme.

Crowd IT

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(Crowd IT) is a Crowd choreography tool for 3d studio MAX which allows the user to quickly and effectively manage and render crowd scenes.

RagDoll Utility Launcher

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RagDoll Utility Launcher. Simple macroScript for launching the RagDoll utility shipping with 3dsmax 6.0.


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Footmaker creates a simple - parametric - humanoid foot as a starting point for a character's foot. Options include rough shaping of the ankle - arch - and toes/shoe. This script is intended as a companion to Handmaker.ms - which creates a simple parametric hand.