Cloner 2D

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Two dimensional clone modifier with random position offsets, random local rotations and random MaterialIDs.

Use to create tiles of any sort.

Known bugs:

- Local rotations and random rotations don`t work together very well

Release info:

- 1.0

Now you can define what angle to use for snapping in random rotation.

All features work in both dimentions.

 - 0.96 

Added 90 degrees snapping in random rotations

Added "Use parent" to quickly place clones next to each other

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
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this is what I need

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You`re right

I`ll look into this when i have a minute.
If you have any feature request feel free.
I`d love to add some stuff here that i haven`t thought of.

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Random rotation still goes 1 way only

Hi Mateusz,

I think your random rotation still goes 1 way only. Sure if you crank it up to 360...well that covers all bases but if you say randomize up to 45deg only, you'll see that your objects rotate 1 way only, not both ways...

give this a try if you want:


rotations.jpg 166.23 KB
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You can use a map operator as function on a map operator, mapping the array inside the mapped array. XD
Local pivot will not work if you have your meshes collapsed, but most certainly you are multiplying your matrices in the wrong order (matrix multiplication is not permutable) more info:

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Update 0.95 notes

#1D x #2D did not work :)
I`m randomizing after 1D because after 2D i have an array of arrays and cant(don`t know how to) access the trimeshes inside. And if I randomize anything after 2D i`d only randomize the whole rows of arrays.
My concern right now is why my "randomize position" works and "randomize MaterialIDs" not.
And why the hell all my clones are rotating (in randomize) using parent pivot and not local :)

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yeah hope that works for

yeah hope that works for you...basically if you say randomize by 10deg....normally things go from 0 to 10deg in one direction. But with my compound, it would be from -10 to +10 deg so it looks more realistic. Goodluck.

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Right now this is in early

Right now this is in early development stage so i have my randomization there because it worked :D
Right now i`m dissecting your rotation randomizer to understand it :)
This #1D x #2D might be a blessing :)

Right now i have been able to randomize position on all clones in both direction and add random MaterialIDs.
Will update the files here as soon as i have this all working properly :)

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suggestion: Randomize after EVERYTHING

Hi ex3qtor,

I think you should do your randomization after everything is laid out. Right now you randomize after 1D clones are laid out, then if you clone in 2D, your randomization remains in 1D I think switch your randomization to right at the end with the total ArrayOfFuntion count as #1D x #2D.


(unless if you do that it causes progressively rotation offset ? would that be why you chose to randomize after just 1D?)

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I like it ..

Tried doing something like that in mcg, those randomise settings are not that obvious in MCG, nice one, great for doing floorboards, stones etc.. which I usully do manually

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