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REQUIREMENTS: Max 2016 + SP3 +EXT1/2, Max 2017

Installation: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

Creates various types of arches: Circular, Lancet, Trefoil, Ogee, Reverse Ogee, Inflexed and Horseshoe. Please note that I didn't follow any ancient building codec strictly to the letter...only that the curves are derived from perfect circular segments. Using the Curvature adjustment, you could get other arch types like Parabolic, Elliptical ...etc...

This creates splines, then you can Extrude and Quadrify into a Mesh...or you can also Quadrify then Shell...this should be done if you use the 2 Doors option as Extrude will not work properly with the 'doors' opening/closing.

ver 1.01: can now invert Arch geometry to get doors, tombstones...

ver 1.02: YES !!! Segmental is finally available. Please note, as Segmental arch is always a segment from a perfect circle, the Curvature adjustments will have no effect on this. Also, although I didn't show it in the latest video, as you change the Clear Span, the Segmental arch will auto adjust as illustrated by the 3 different tombstones're all different widths but the Segmental Radius remains unchanged, it auto adjusts itself up/down.

ver 1.03: Added Cauliflower pattern (semi circle for each segment). This can be applied on top of the primary arch type, except Trefoil (and other combinations) due to overlap. Also added Vertical Offset for Horseshoe.

ver 1.04: Added Multi Spans functionality

Ver 1.05: HUGE update...

  • Arch Tweaks so you can adjust the Width, Height and Vertical Offset of the Primary Arch
  • Arch Apex Tweaks allows you to create pointed shape from other even from an ordinary now you can have pointed Horseshoe for example.
  • Cauliflower Tweaks so you can manipulate the mini-arch similar to a primary Arch.
  • Default creation scale to 'tens' instead of 'hundreds' to suit people using meters instead of cms.
  • Note: when using Cauliflower, avoid tight overlaps like Trefoil. Also when Chamfering the Cauliflower and if you use Flip, ensure you have 'some' Falloff...otherwise, you'll see huge geometry..until you enter some value in Falloff.
  • Added a Units version for people with System Unit = m and Display Unit = cm (see latest pic). Ver 1.05 now contains both Generic and Units versions.

If anyone prefers to pay me directly, please email me and I will send a payment request via Paypal (you don't have to have a Paypal account). On CreativeMarket, it requires you to have a min amount with Paypal and some ppl don't like this....I understand...

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2016 + SP3 +EXT1/2, Max 2017
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Extra option "delete the bottom segment"

Hello .. I wonder if you can add a parameter to delete the bottom segment from any type of arch as it will be useful when adding modifier sweep or bevel profile for creating outer frames.
the version with System Unit = m and Display Unit = cm

arch. Hazem Mamdouh

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Finally found a way.


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I bought $ten, MCG format two, how to install. Or how to use in 3DMAX?


compuhms's picture

outstanding product & effort!

I think now this tool could achieve most types of arches.. congrats :)
please review the below link as i found few issues that need fixation

* adding "base height parameter" would be nice too

arch. Hazem Mamdouh

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ver 1.05

too many updates to list so here's a pic...

arches8.jpg 373.98 KB
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I think after adding the other types I told you about at my previous comments, 10-15$ would be fair inorder to be handy for most ppl. I have so many ideas regarding this script and I know it takes effort and time to implement. However, let's do the basics and by time if you're interested and have the time to develop it, you may raise the price according to its capabilities. On the other hand, I think you should post this script to inorder to spread and achieve more buyers.

arch. Hazem Mamdouh

vusta's picture

and how much do you think I deserve for this honest.

everyone else can put their 2 cents in much do you think is a fair price for this script ?

compuhms's picture

thats ok..

but please add "horseshoe pointed & horseshoe onion or ogee arch" as shown in the below link

arch. Hazem Mamdouh

vusta's picture

multi spans...

is NOT designed for inverted arch coz there's no longer 'spans'. They would just be multi 'doors' and i don't see the point.

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