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This MCG allows you to do marching ants, traffic light/direction effects. Note the Count is total in array but you see only every 'Step'. I think there is a bug with closed loop and Even count, so use odd Count for that....and WTF is up with the 90deg angle/rectangle ? Dunno....I'll debug if have time...

Ver 1.01.00: Added Flip and Rotation Adjustments

Ver 1.01.01: Minor update/cleanup


Ver 2.00.00: Added sine wave to path for 'snaking' FX...also chucked in some vibes...

Any small donations to [email protected] would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Thankyou. Meow. Woof. Moooo. Oink. Grrrl.....

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vu_marchingants_1.00.00.zip7.33 KB
vu_marchingants_1.01.00.zip8.08 KB
vu_marchingants_1.01.01.zip8.08 KB
vu_marchingants_2.00.00.zip15.38 KB


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tell me about the problem Geoff

so I can ruminate...if I ruminate on it long enough then maybe something might come up....:)

I know I still have to try and do the align (in direction of travel)...that's one on the to do list....

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The script finally works using the package. Well... it has the same problems as Max's Spacing tool, but at least it loads now.

- Geoff

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if you are still getting Deserialisng Error...

Hi Geoff, I think I maybe able to help you, as I was debugging another MCG, I came across an error that I think is related to you (deserialising error) You need to open up Scripting>Mac Creation Graph Editor>File>Open Open Vu_MarchingAnts.maxtool, you might see a red box around a node like this...

You'll have to rewire things...its' not too send me a screenprint of the 'red' box and I'll help.

But hopefully after you've installed the mcg package that I sent, all is OK ?

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hmm...dunno why...

here's the package

AttachmentSize 19.91 KB
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Still getting errors

This time it can't find the operator "Remap."
Please do this:

- Geoff

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Could you export it as a MCG

Could you export it as a MCG package? I still can't get it to evaluate. I get the error:

Validation failed for C:/Users/user/Autodesk/3ds Max 2016/Max Creation Graph/Tools/Vu_MarchingAnts.maxtool : Error occurred deserializing node: Can't find operator Remap


- Geoff

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Updated to Ver 2.00.00

with 'snaking' FX...

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coming feature...

I'm working on making it 'snaking' along the is working but due to the nature of my 'faking' the ants marching movement...I'll have to rethink about my modulo logic...


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get the Sample Pack

...a lot of premade compounds are from the Sample Pack.

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