MCG Morph To Spline

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Latest version 1.04 has support loop but tradeoff is if you morph to less than 100%, the outside edge remains fixed. If you need your orig geo to morph back to itself, please use ver 1.03

Ver 1.05: added ability to Relax Support Loop to avoid overlapping.

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
2016 + SP2/3 + Ext1/2, 2017
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vu_morphtospline_1.00.zip26.6 KB
vu_morphtospline_1.01.zip26.68 KB
vu_morphtospline_1.02.zip27.47 KB
vu_morphtospline_1.03.zip28.05 KB
vu_morphtospline_1.04.zip31.51 KB
vu_morphtospline_1.05.zip33.69 KB


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vusta's picture

not quite yet...

because subobject functionalities with MCGs are still quite clunky at the moment...(hence you see the way I do the inner holes)

I do have a similar idea which is hanging in the smokehouse, that is take the spline shape, create an inner loop (support loop) first, then morph to that...

...still hanging in the smokehouse...

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This is a very nice mcg, thanks!

I have a small suggestion. Would it be possible to make it so that it takes vertices from an edge selection (an edge loop for example) instead of the mesh border?
What I'm sort of looking for is the possibility to adjust the edge of for example a road to meet up with a more complex shape of a spline.

There are a couple of scripts that sort of do this like Ant-Stitcher or Marius Silaghi's Smooth-Edge.

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Thank's guy

Thank's guy

vusta's picture

since you're on 2016

pls make sure you have applied SP2 or 3 then you also must have Extension 1 or 2 applied.

If you don't have Extension 1 or 2...there's not much chance to get Spline functionalities working unfortunately.

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Error to install

Error parsing C:\Users\myuser\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\Max Creation Graph\Vu_MorphToSpline.mcg: Error document empty.(0, 0)
Validation failed for C:\Users\myuser\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\Max Creation Graph\Tools\Downloads\Vu_MorphToSpline.maxtool : Error occurred deserializing node: Can't find operator Vu_GetOpenEdgeVertIDs

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wow amazing

so impressive

wejm's picture

thanks vusta

very helpful

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