MCG Path Constraint a.k.a IncrCloneOnCurve

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This MCG constraints your object motion to a path. The motion can be repeated forever beyond the curve.

It can also be used to incrementally clone object along a curve and there is no need to adjust the distance

between the clones and count when length of curve changes.


Ver 1.01.00: You can now use a curve to control scaling of the clones.

Ver 1.02.00: updated due to SP2 catering for multi curves in a spline. However this will still work only on the 1st curve in a spline. I have not updated multicurves functionality yet.

I strongly advise you to get SP2 as this provides a great speed boost to MCG....and extra stuff, of course.

ver 1.04.00: now supports multi curves in a single spline. Also added Rotation control curve for Cloning, and Fake movement to utilise Scale/Rotation curves in PathConstraint mode.

Ver 1.05: added Pivot Gap option...WARNING: becareful with low gap there will be shitloads of clones for gap approaching 0, I've actually put minimum at 1 for safety reasons.

Ver 1.06: updated for Max 2017 to fix Spline/Path related flaw (please continue to use 1.05 for Max2016)

Ver 2.00: This version will work for both 2016 and 2017. Please note for 2017, you'll get deprecated messages, it's OK, it will still compile and run.

Ver 2.01: you can now rotate your path freely

Any small donations to [email protected] would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Thankyou. Meow. Woof. Moooo. Oink. Grrrl.....Bzzzz...

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
SP2, version 1.06 simply requires Max 2017
Video URL: 
vu_pathconstraint_1.00.00.zip17.62 KB
getcurvelength.zip1.07 KB
vu_pathconstraint_1.01.00.zip19.26 KB
vu_pathconstraint_1.02.00.zip20.48 KB
vu_pathconstraint_1.04.00.zip25.61 KB
vu_pathconstraint_1.05.zip25.75 KB
vu_pathconstraint_1.06.zip49.49 KB
vu_pathconstraint_2.00.zip25.58 KB
vu_pathconstraint_2.01.zip26.39 KB


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Tokamak's picture

+ Path Deform ?

Nice script/MCG!
Is it possible to add a Path Deform to you mcg?
On the green spline, your MCG with two meshs cloned,
on the red spline one mesh with Path Deform:

cloneon_curve_vs_path_deform.jpg 40.37 KB
fzxj520's picture

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.
Error report as shown in the figure
Please see Annex.

0200307152628.jpg 22.1 KB
untitled.max 612 KB
cptSwing's picture

Mesh disappears

Once I pick an Editable Spline as path, my mesh just disappears and has no more faces. I delete the MCG, I see it again.

I'm on Max 2018.4, Windows 7 64 bit, if it helps?

vusta's picture

works fine for me...

if you can't provide pictures, error messages, sample file...then I can't help.

I can't remotely fix an invisible problem.

IMax's picture

Do not work, 3dsmax2017.1

I used you wonderful modificator a lot , but after re-instalation of 3dsmax 2017.1 it does nothing, i mean it just do not modify geometry after apply the modificator and choose spline !
I tried 2.01 and 2.00 - same result
What could be the problem?

fanaeean's picture


Great script!

It is also best to use the new parameters in the "Rotation" to build the escalator

OccultArt's picture

Great script!

Its a great script but a few extra features would make it even better, something along the lines of Zbrush IMM maybe?:

- Twist along spline setting (alternative to using an extra spline)
- Auto weld (for creating hozes/Tubes)
- Start and End Caps

Something like this: =

rgby's picture

edit: deleted/backedup my

edit: deleted/backedup my compounds folder and now it works. thanks!

vusta's picture

ver 2.01

you can now rotate your path freely. Pls note the latest video is for Stitches...but it does exactly the same thing.

vusta's picture

updated to ver 2.00

to support both 2016 and 2017

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