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This is a script that simplifies the working process for a linear workflow.

The script applies a colour correct with a gamma of 2.2 to every material at render time i.e textures AND flat colours.

Lastpixel works on lots of large projects with multiple xrefs being created by several staff members so to avoid problems of having to manually apply colour corrects we use this script.

We developed this script about 6 months ago and its great I leave it turned on all the time
with remove CC's after each render (so I dont have to click through colour corrects in my material editor )
colour mapping to linear gamma 2.2 (dont affect colours ticked) and thats it, LWF for dummies.

Gup. files goes into plugins folder and mcr. goes to macroscript
Customize Lastpixel and place in you quad menu or whatever you prefer.
And obviously you need to install colour correct script

It saves current setting to the scene so if you reopen the scene the same setting stills holds, will do xrefs, works with standard and vray mats only.
The script only applies colour corrects to materials applied to an object in the scene
i.e. no colour corrects applied to maps in the enviroments slots or unused materials in the material editor.
no colour corrects to textures i.e. a texture applied to a light

Dont forget to go to you max preferences and either completely disable gamma lut correction (I do this as I use Vray frame buffer all the time) or set your bitmap files input gamma back to one otherwise you will colour correct your textures twice.

There is also an override values drop down that allows you to access all the usual colour correct options where you can change the gamma etc. (and turn your whole scene green if you want )

Although we use this in a production pipeline and it works fine I/we (lastpixel) take no responsibility for it doing anything at all or possibly destroying everything,everywhere, USE AT OWN RISK yada yada yada....

As some people on chaosgroup were having issues using this scripts I posted an explanation of how to use it. I figured I would copy it here

LWF is a two step process
first gamma correct your materials.
Max gives you the option to do this you can set bitmap input to 2.2 in the gamma preferences BUT Max will not apply a gamma correction to a flat colour e.g. a red colour swatch with no bitmap on it.
To solve this problem you must put colour corrects onto the diffuse slot of flat colours and set them to 2.2 and this will fix the problem but its messy especially with a lot of people working on large scenes.
To get around this you can stop using max to colour correct you bitmaps (i.e set bitmap input back to its default of 1) as this only does half the job.It misses all your flat colours.Instead use a script to put a colour correct onto every diffuse slot so it will affect a bitmap or a flat colour. There are several scripts that do this.

Where the autogamma script shines is that it only applies the colour corrects at rendertime (including xrefs) so you dont have all these diffuse maps nested in colour corrects in your material editor.
Because you dont have a colour correct in you material editor (which would have darkened your material) you dont need to brighten the material editor so you dont need to tick affect material editor. The affect colour selectors is the exact same so you dont need to tick affect colour selectors.

In other words your diffuse map and flat colour materials will look like they always did and the whole bitmap and colours problem is taken care of at render time.

The script only takes care of the first part of LWF
second gamma correct your display
Enable gamma in the max preferences gamma LUT and set it to 2.2. The gamma 2.2 tickbox here only affects the display of the max frame buffer, the vray frame buffer has its own button (sRGB button) to do this.
Both will brighten the image within there own respective frame buffers but this is for display purposes only.
Colour mapping in vray is where you decide to burn the gamma into the image or not.

I use the vray fb all the time with the srgb button on but if you do want to use the max fb or clone a copy from the
vray fb to the max fb then leave gamma enable on in the gamma and LUT and set it to 2.2 (same as in my screengrab) and you max frame buffer will look the same as your vray frame buffer.

input bitmap gamma 1 (the autogamma script is now changing you bitmaps to 2.2 at rendertime)
output bitmap gamma 1.

Finally colour mapping set it linear and set gamma to 2.2
If you dont want to burn the gamma into the image tick the "Dont affect colours adaptation only" box
If you want to burn the gamma into the image leave the box unticked

Then save out to exr. and you should have no problems.

Other Software Required: 
colour correct script
Version Requirement: 
max 9 32/64 bit and max 2009 32/64
Video URL: 
Autogamma.zip54.95 KB


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danb4026's picture

Color Correct is not

Color Correct is not compatible with Mental Ray, so I assume the script wont work. Correct?

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excellent script. thanks a

excellent script. thanks a bunch.

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No problem, its good to give

No problem, its good to give back to a community from which I have taken a lot of great scripts (including vansan gamma script :) Hope you get good use from this plugin

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Respect! Great

Great script/plugin, hope you share more!

Still newbie...

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