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Disperse is a freehand 3d painting tool and object replacer that will free up your artistic creativity to allow you to paint complex scenes as easy as digitally painting in a 2D software program.

By adding any 3d geometry, point cache or proxies you can paint unrestricted anywhere in your scene without the need to select base geometry. The paintbrush gizmo gives visual feedback on object direction, size of distribution and orientation.

Included with Disperse, you can add object transformations on individual or multiple objects, including random transformations, random colour variation and animation offset.

When you have finished 3d painting, you have the ability to export as edit mesh, saved as separate objects, ie people mesh, trees mesh. It will include a library facility to save and load presets from file, meaning you can save your favourite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.

- Paint any 3d geometry, proxy, point cache.
- Add as many objects to a brush as you like.
- Objects can be edited, erased individually or as selections.
- Optimises scene by converting to single mesh as you paint.
- Colour and texture variation.
- Spline and Camera clipping.
- Export back to edit mesh.
- Save brush presets to Disperse Library.
- No licence needed for render farms.

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3ds Max
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