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A first public release of duberPython, a dotNET plugin that bridges MAXScript and Python scripting, is finally available.

A battle tested plugin used by such as Pixomondo or Orbit Studio, can be yours!

The main purpose for this plugin is the ability to communicate with Python APIs, such as Shotgun (for which there is also a wrapper that I wrote, available on request) or Tactic, or your Python tools of choice!

The plugin takes care of all the necessary data type conversions so that strings in MAXScript are strings in Python, booleans in MAXScript are booleans in Python etc...

You can call Python scripts directly in MAXScript or call Python files that can accept any number of variables you send from MAXScript to the Python scripts.

Please watch the introduction video to get an idea what this plugin is all about.

And if you find the plugin useful, I'll be more than happy if you purchase the full version after you've tried the feature-full 30day trial.


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