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Hello everybody. I want to share with you something I whipped up these past couple of days.

IMPORTANT! In order for all the controls to work, the pan and zoom hotkeys inside 3ds max must NOT be altered.

Also, make sure you close max before installing this, or it won't install.

It's basically an alternate viewport navigation inside 3ds Max that tries to mimic maya's Alt + Click viewport navigation to some extent. I am aware that there is at least one commercial solution out there that does this, but this one is free and I thought you might like that little detail.
It should work on all max versions, both 32bit and 64bit. Obviously, you can only install the 64bit version on a 64bit OS.

Updated to version 1.2:

User should no longer receive the message "An older instance of this script is already running. Replace it with this instance?", caused by max crashing (or its process being terminated from task manager) and not running the shutdown script.
(Thanks to Simon Reeves for pointing out the problem).

New in version 1.1:

It picks up the input a little better when switching from one window inside max to another. MMB is still problematic. More about it in the readme file.
Also made a zoom to cursor option in uv view (shift + alt + right click).

Feedback is welcome. You can also contact by e-mail at

[email protected]

I hope you like this and find it useful. Cheers!


Ok, a little more explanation: For now, there's no way to fix conflicts with the tools in graphite that require alt-left click. I don't think this can be fixed, given the way the script works. There is just no way for the script to detect that you are in any of the modes graphite modeling tools puts you in.

So, as a workaround, you'll have to temporarily disable the script. You can do this by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+F3 keyboard combination. Pressing it again will re-enable the script.

Other Software Required: 
3ds max, any version (not tested on all versions)
memsmax2maya1.2.zip1.16 MB


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Interesting tool, thank you.

Interesting tool, thank you. Would be nice to learn a bit more of what it is doing. An encrypted script, an .exe file and a gmail address does not look too trustworthy at first sight.

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