Scribe - Fixing Overlapping Splines

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Scribe is our Spline Tools plugin for 3ds Max. With our newest update V1.10, we have updated all old functions + added brand new functions aswell.

One of the main functions in Scribe is Overlapping Splines. With our tool you are able to fix any overlapping splines by either deleting or detaching all the bad splines and leaving you with a fixed up spline. With this new update, we are now using multithreading, so now, even the heaviest of splines will only take a matter of minutes to do. I have put a video in below showing off the different types of Overlapping splines and how quickly its fixes them.

This is just one of the main features of Scribe. To see the other amazing features, check out the second video below or visit our website.

Other Software Required: 
3ds Max
Version Requirement: 
2014 - 2018
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