Server updates / drupal upgrade

For the past couple weeks I've been steadily preparing a new server for ScriptSpot. The current one has been crumbling under the load recently and its been clear that there just isn't enough room to grow. So, we're on a new server now thats significantly more powerful.

Alternative search...

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FYI if you like Google you can search ScriptSpot by adding to your query or just go here for a ScriptSpot custom search engine...

Free Video Tutorials!

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GavinB from CGTalk has generously provided the following free maxscript video tutorials. You'll need the TechSmith codec in order to view the videos... View the original cgtalk discussion thread here...

SoulburnScripts Updated May 16th 2008

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Some new scripts and new features.

Max script update:

The scripts have now been tested in Max 2009, and everything seems
fine. So I'm adding official compatability with Max 2009. Let me know
if you run into any weirdness.

Added 2 new scripts:

VertexMapDisplayer: Toggles or turns on or off the vertex map
viewport display for all scene or selected objects.
instanceTrimmer: Takes a selection and reduces the selection to
include only a single instance from each set of instances.

Updated several scripts, here's the major updates: updated april 26

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Scripts added:

SuperPainter R1.1
HandManipulator v1.0
Building v1.2
BlenderFluid v1.3
BipEditAnimRanges v1.0
TextureRenamer v1.2
SmartPivot v1.0

All scripts on are freeware now.

SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 22nd 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list)

A bunch of fixes and new features to existing scripts.

Max script update:


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From the IllusionCatalyst site:

IllusionCatalyst is a brand new set of instruments designed to increase artistic expression and productivity in Autodesk 3ds Max.

IC.Shape: Instruments for organic polygonal modeling. Draw and erase mesh edges like tracing lines with a pencil on paper, then deform and relax the surface like shaping clay by hands.

IC.Face: Instruments for facial rigging and animation. Bring characters to life letting them express every emotion and mood with a full range of controllers. No more gummy faces allowed.

IC.Mime: Instruments for keyframing and animation. Take a step and get the other one for free, control the flow of the action and each pose more easily. Forget about motion brakes. 


Visit the IllusionCatalyst website for detailed screenshots, feature breakdown and to download the scripts.

PolyBoost 4.1 has been released

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Version 4.1 of PolyBoost has now been released with support for 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2009 Design. The new version includes several bugfixes and code optimization, no new features. It is also available for 3ds max9 and 2008. The upgrade is free for existing users. Visit the Polyboost website to download.

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 31st 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list)

Just a quick update with a few bug fixes and small updated features.

Max script update:

Updated several scripts, here's the major updates:

splinePainter: Fixed issue that would turn the paint button off even though you could still paint. Added Surface Offset Value, to place the spline a specified distance away from the surface. Added a way to rename the splines.
objectPainter: Added a way to add a prefix to the name of the objects.
makeObjectsUnique: Added options for refining what you want to make unique. Works on instanced controllers now (note: A max bug prevents all controllers from getting uninstanced, but it does work on most controllers.)

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