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"sub-objects of mesh and poly objects by 'painting' with a variable sized brush.
V1.2 Update: Fixed bug with renderable brush spline. Resizing brush with mouse works better now."


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"Finds modifiers in your scene based on class name of modifiers. It has some defaults added to a drop down list but you can type in your own.However - first you need to know the class name of the modifier that you are looking for. "

Name Cleaner

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This is a simple script for cleaning up material names in your currently loaded material Library. It's my very first attempt at maxscript and after Swami got done with my code it's practicly all his now. I HIGHLY recommend backing up your material library before using this.

Animated Align

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This script keys the alignment of one object to another over a specified period of time. The user can chose to align the position - rotation and scale independantly or combined. Both the step size and frame range are user definable. It is very useful for keying objects on every frame for game exports.


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"This tool is use for aligning Object -Quad or Edge from a source object to a destination object quad. It move the face and align it with the destination Object -Quad or Edge.And more it allow :

  • Snap the vertex of the moved Quad -O or E to destination Quad -O or E.
  • DrawPath

    2 votes

    Makes it possible to create a spline - which repeats the trajectory of the motion of an object or one of its vertices


    2 votes

    "Simple tool that displays the triangle face count on Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects. You can select multiple objects at once - and it works in Sub-Object mode.
    Original script by Fred Ruff"


    4 votes

    Displays the triangle count of the currently selected mesh or poly object on the status line.

    Bevel Lite

    7 votes

    A version of Bevel with far fewer controls - streamlined for doing what I use it for 99% of the time: chamfered extrusions.


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    (it's a badger - get it?) one of the most important features of photoshop is to batch process a whole bunch of files at once with a pre-made action.

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