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Allows you to control Patch object parameters globally and locally across multiple selected patch objects in a scene

Smart Collapse

"In one click you can:

Show End Result

"Toggles the Show End Results on and off in the modifier stack."

Project Changer

Lets you set up different projects and without restarting max use different map paths etc.

Camera Manager

"A small camera manager. Allows you to select a camera from a list - make the active viewport display that camera - also displays a small preview of that camera.
Version 0.4 update: inteface updates to reflect change in scene selection. "


"Wraps or drapes one mesh (Source) to another (Target). This is just a means of projection that retains the mesh body. Source Mesh vertex heights above Z=0 are transformed to an offset distance from the Target Mesh. Can choose to align the source to the target mesh curvature or have a straight projection.
Formerly known as MeshDrape"


Quickly pick a new pivot position for the selected object


Engineering accurate spur gears!... Use this to generate/animate gear pairs and compound gear trains. For max r3.x thru r4.x - &VIZ4.


Allows you to quickly save and restore the 3ds max 5 radiosity settings.


Generates selection sets based on Material names. It will group all objects using the same material into one selection set.

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