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Freeze anim

3 votes

Seals stack based animation into vertex based animation. Does not save space warps


5 votes

Simple raytrace renderer made with MAXScript. Just don't try it with a very complicated scene... Try a simple primitive first...

Rename Macroscript

4 votes

Rename is a Macroscript that allows you to rename multiple objects in a scene simultaneously. It has options for prefix - suffix - base - and numbered.

Viewport Layout Floater

3 votes

"Just a little floating window that has all the different layouts to choose from."

Rotator Object

8 votes

This script will create a 'rotator' helper object as seen in some character tutorials over the net. Objects can be further modified after creation. As of now - the tool is completely interactive.

Quake II .MD2 Importer

8 votes

"gmax script for importing Quake2 .MD2 files. features:

  • Full geometry import
  • Full texture co-ordinate import (but no skins - see Known Issues)
  • Full animation import (select 'Load all frames')
  • "

    Medit 48

    3 votes

    "Give you access to 23 new slots in the material editor. It acts like a switch. Click to obtain 23 more slots. Click one more time to access the 23 first slots. IMPORTANT : do not remove or modify the last material in slot 24!!!"

    Controller Daddy

    4 votes

    "Assigns either EulerXYZ - PostionXYZ - or ScaleXYZ to one or more selected objects. "

    Select Biped

    4 votes

    Select any limb of a Biped character. Works best when assigned to keyboard short cuts.


    4 votes

    Adds a command for the Key Mode Toggle. Works best when assigned to a short cut

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