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Bounding Box Maker

6 votes

Creates bounding boxes from objects. Node manipulation & pick button control experiment

Set Visibility Key

2 votes

"Quickly sets visibility keys
0.41 Update adds 3ds max 4 support"

LOD Mover

4 votes

A script used on Ultima On-Line to check the popping of LOD's. Also has some other little features.


6 votes

Track particles and attach objects to them over a range of time and within certain bounding volumes.

Obj Sketch

3 votes

Draw directly onto the texture of an object in the view port. Unfortunately the refreshing of a max texture is Painfully slow - so it's only real use is to roughly mark out areas on a mesh.

Weld Halves

2 votes

"Weld Halves helps you to weld vertices around your polygon model seam. Weld Halves is available for 3ds max 4's polyObject and Editable Mesh. The Editable Mesh version may cause normal flipping after its operation. "


4 votes

Lets you create several different kinds of atmospheric passes. For example - you can saves an image sequence that represents the current environment ranges in the scene by changing all objects in the scene to a matte material and rendering the scene with white fog. Good for doing postprocess fog and postprocess depth of field.

Brazil r/s DOF VIZualizer

4 votes

Allows you to visualize the DOF effect used in the Brazil render engine... For Brazil R/S 0.1.4alpha

Set Objects' Animation Range

10 votes

"Changes the animation range of all wired controllers in the scene to the active time range.
Update in v1.2: Added option to change expression controller ranges."

MeshTrace BETA

9 votes

"Takes a Light source and a Ground object and casts meshed Shadows from any selected objects.
Updated for max 4.x by Ofer Zelichover"

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