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"This tool is use for aligning Object -Quad or Edge from a source object to a destination object quad. It move the face and align it with the destination Object -Quad or Edge.And more it allow :

  • Snap the vertex of the moved Quad -O or E to destination Quad -O or E.
  • DrawPath

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    Makes it possible to create a spline - which repeats the trajectory of the motion of an object or one of its vertices


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    "Simple tool that displays the triangle face count on Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects. You can select multiple objects at once - and it works in Sub-Object mode.
    Original script by Fred Ruff"


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    Displays the triangle count of the currently selected mesh or poly object on the status line.

    Bevel Lite

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    A version of Bevel with far fewer controls - streamlined for doing what I use it for 99% of the time: chamfered extrusions.


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    (it's a badger - get it?) one of the most important features of photoshop is to batch process a whole bunch of files at once with a pre-made action.

    Toggle Key Mode

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    Toggle key mode.


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    An extension of magnetic 1.5 - pluck 1.1 is the first tool that allows you to quickly paint feathers on a mesh surface. Once attached - the feathers will automatically retain their position/orientation as the underlying surface is animated. Besides attaching feathers one by one - you now have the option to paint a whole row of feathers at a time.


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    This script is for use with the naming convention described in the Tutorial section.It lets you create a bone chain based on the orientation of a selected object.Once creation is complete you will be prompted for the name of the part that the bone chain i


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    Use this script to check all the objects in the scene for modifiers

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