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"skeletools is a collection of tools to make bone creation and setup in 3ds max 4 easier. Features include:

Radial Function Grapher

Generates shapes based on radial functions


Selects the biped skeleton.


Edit material properties (supersampling settings only currently) en-masse.

Position scaler

Scales the relative positions of a selection of objects. ie - if you had a load of fence posts and wanted to spread them out a bit more.


Lets you inspect and manipulate ActiveX controls (new to MAXr4!). Note that this is a work in progress and that this script was originally developed by Ravi Karra and Larry Minton of discreet.


"Serves as a files browser/selector - somewhat emulating Windows' file browse dialog. MAXScript didn't seem to provide this functionality - so I wrote this! This script is intended to be called by other scripts.
Extensions ONLY required for MAX 3.x - not version 4."


Deletes the material modifier and applies the sub-material (formerly part of the Multi/Sub-Object material) as a top level material to the object. This script is the reverse of ConvertMultiSub.ms


Lets you scale both TimeScale or ValueScale


Allows you to include or exclude a selection of objects with a selection of lights. All using only one selection! You also have the option to add or subtract to the list selection as well as create a new one.

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