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selma: selection sets manager

Selma - the selection sets manager - consists of two modules. The Selection Sets floater and the Quadmenu updater. The floater lists all selection sets - plus you can edit - remove - hide anda unhide selection sets by using this floater.

DeepValley Free

This is a free version of the commercial landscape creator DeepValley. Features advanced terrain creation with four kinds of generator that can form the terrain of the mountain - the ridge - the sierra - the valley - the canyon and so on. Also includes erosion ability and preset terrain materials.


Morph an object into another form according to their face arrangement. So - as long as all the faces equal for the two meshes and the faces are arranged in the same order - you can morph it.


Takes all your cameras and lights in the scene - and changes the name of their targets to properly reflect the name of their parent camera or light.

Particle test code

Test code for a script particle system. It works and can generate particles of different types. Also has gravity and wind resistance. Maybe someeon will take it somewhere?

Turbo Squid Max Scripts

"Allows you to prepare and package your models from directly inside Max. They will cut thumbnails - count polys - and zip up your assets quickly and efficiently."


Takes your selected objects and selects any objects among them that do not have a UVW mapping modifier present. Useful for finding objects that may require mapping coordinates in order to render. Will only select geometry - not lights or helper - etc. Written for Flappy.

Animated Translucency

This should probably be a version 0.1 but anyway. This builds translucency data for sequences. Multiple object support. Needs jblib and jbfunctions from www.johnburnett.com. Little testing so far - but it works for me:) Note there is a excessive amount of progress bars right now which gives you a lot of screen flashing on light objects. I can reduce this somewhat.


Lets you globally/locally adjust the percentage of particles displayed in the viewport based on presets.


Utility that lets you add/delete/scale time for collections of objects.

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