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"Just select the edges you would like to chamfer - then chamfer them one time and then run my script a couble of times..
There is a Demo Video Here (100kb GIF)"

Copy to Instance

Very simple - this just scans selected objects and converts them into instances of the pre-selected master object. For when you make lots of copies of something then realise they should have been instances... Will scan objects to ensure they are of the same class before conversion (so if you have a light as the Master object - it won't instance any meshes - etc)

UVW Map Selected

This script will apply a UVWMap modifier on all selected objects and set the mapping type to box.


This script creates an red error display for the selected IK Chain.The farther the ctrl object moved from the IK chan the largerthe error display will grow.The selected IK chain must be parented to another object that is used to animate its' location.Requ


Run this script to check if objects have been collapsed to the origin [0 -0 -0]


This script is to change the registered biped for the Offloader_Hotkey_Toggle script.


Paste the envelope from the copy buffer of skin to the selected bone


Toggle Y Position Lock for the selected objects


Disable Z Scale Lock for the selected objects


Use this script to switch to the Back view then zoom to the selected objects. Then zoom out 2x

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