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Collapse and reset-X

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An export stength reset-X and collapse util. Also tries to detect normal flips and correct then (Although not always successfully). The Script version of reset-X is NOT export proof - and depending on how you export your data will not always work. No accou


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Script that simulates the overexposure of film - such as an overexposed photo of a city at night.


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  • FinSize enables and and tries to resize Bone Fins based on the size of a selected mesh (Skin). 
  • AllFinsToggle turns all Fins in a Hierarchy of Bones ON or OFF. 
  • SelectAllBones selects the whole hierarchy of a single sel
  • IWantMyMom!

    7 votes

    Selects all objects visible in the scene that are parented to the world (ie - that aren't linked to any other object). Useful for linking a set of objects to a dummy without destroying their original hierarchy.


    7 votes

    "If you select any piece of a biped and then run this script - it will select the entire biped.
    version 1.02 Changed a few variable names and cleaned the code."


    6 votes

    "MeshDetails is a Mesh Info script for 3ds max 4.


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    Let's you quickly add or subtract a selection of objects to a selection of lights. Pick the objects that need to be added or subtracted - hit the first button. Choose to add or subtract - then hit the second button. Objects will be added to existing list - so if it's already got an exclude list - they'll be added to that. If it has an include list - well - they'll be added to that.

    Pulse Prep

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    If you have a bunch of motion files - perhaps from a motion capture session - that need to be applied to a single character created in Max 4 with Character Studio 3 and converted to Pulse3d you can use this script to help alleviate a bit of the drudgery.

    Ellipsoidal Projections

    6 votes

    Ellipsoidal projections of Earth WGS84 model


    5 votes

    Displays a list of all other objects in your scene that are an instance of your currently selected object.

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