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Sea Material

3 votes

Simple script just creates a plane and adds a sea material on it. You can change it's various properties like sea color - etc. Hope every one likes it...Works fine...


4 votes

Created for creation of screen captures for instructional tutorials - etc. Captures the current viewport in max - saves it as a sequentially named .bmp file. Creates a new .bmp every time you click the button. Saves the files as: 0001.bmp - 0002.bmp - 0003.bmp - etc. A thumbnail of each saved image is displayed in the control. Controls minimal to save screen space.


5 votes

Takes any selected instanced / referenced geometry and makes it unique.

Convert Selection To Edge Border

2 votes

This is for people who do lots of Edge Extrude - just use a lasso selection or paint selection (or whatever u like) to select some stuff around the border. Run the script. and wollaahh it has selected your outer border from the selection you did.

Reference Plane Creator

11 votes

It is a utility that:
- Creates 3 types of references from side - front - and top views (independently) with your selection of
- Creates a correct size plane (the size of the image) at world center [0 -0 -0]
- Puts the plane in a seperate layer (for easy hiding abilities)
- Creates a material with the diffuseMap as the image and toggles it on


5 votes

This script adds a turbosmooth modifier with an iteration of 2


2 votes

Enable all Rotation Inheritance for the selected objects


4 votes

Use this script to offload the deformation rig for a selected character. The character needs to be set upusing the naming convention listed in the tutorial section.Required File: TiM_Lib.ms


5 votes

Bind this script to a hotkey and use it to increase the weight for each vert for the selected bone to .75.


6 votes

"Use this script to hide all objects with "_XBip" in the name."

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