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Get the barycentric coordinates (b0 - b1 - b2) of a triangle - given its vertex coordinates (p0 - p1 - p2) and the point (p) within the triangle.

Metal Peg Imprint Thing

Allows user to simulate one of those metal-peg imprint things. The ones that you can press your hand or face against and see a relief version on the other side. This script allows the user to use an animated map to simulate this with growing cylinders.


Automates the selection of edge loops around your model. For example - a forearm should be built with nice clean contour rings. With EdgeLoop you can select just a part of that ring - and it will select the whole ring. Works great for character modelling.


Assigns a matte material to selected objects for use with compositing. Use on objects that are being used to block non Matte objects and that don't need to cast or receive shadows.


Turns the tedious process of preparing a character for use with Famous Faces.

Architectural Glass

This is a scripted material plugin that streamlines the process of making architectural glass materials. Includes:
- Speedy setup of reflection maps with or without nested falloffs and a variety of map types
- Automatic generation of frosted glass as seen at the top of this page ;)


Reloads all bitmaps that exist in all scene materials and medit slots.

UV Copy Tool

Use the UV copy tool to copy textures - uv channels and vertex colors from one object to another.

Random Materials

Tool for quickly applying random materials (Standard or Multi/Sub) to the current selection.

Tile Renderer

Renders image sequences to a tiles bitmap. Maily used for fonts in games. NOTE: Don't use safe frame as a render with safe frame on will not come out the right size. I think this is a maxscript bug

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