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Set Coordinate System

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"It allows you to associate a coordinate system type (screen. local. world. view. grid. parent) with a given object. Whenever the object is selected. the active coordinate system is switched to the associated coordinate system. This information is saved with the MAX file. So it will be there the next time the MAX file is opened."


3 votes

Lets you quickly move to different parts of the stack.

Rotator Helper

7 votes

A Rotator Helper script for 3ds max r5. Kind of like the one Sergio Mucino had. It generates 3 Torus - converts them to an editable poly rotates 2 of them and attaches them all into one object named Rotator Helper. This object as helper does have it's pivot coordinates already set to the world axis no matter wich viewport you create it in.

Open Most Recent File

5 votes

Upon launching 3dsMax this script will ask the user if they wish to re-open the most recently saved Max file.


3 votes

"hese 2 scripts offer an other way to do cartoon rendering in 3DSMax 5. Althought somewhat limited - they offer very good results. AnimeLand material is made from 1 up to 3 colors - separated by sharp edges or by gradients. An outline - made by mesh duplication (very useful for real-time rendering) or by a material - can also be added."


6 votes

"This script is similar to what Max's 'Align Tool' does - except you can bind this to a nice hotkey or toolbar button. This will take all selected objects and snap them all to the position and orientation of the last selected object.


4 votes

"Juggler is a utility script for Max 6 that randomizes different aspects of any object. It can randomize position - rotation - and scale attributes - as well as - object/wire color and the application of materials."

Import Molecules

7 votes

Import molecule files for Chemistry or just for fun. Both PDB [Protein
Database] and MOL format files are supported. This script works in both max and

Commercial Script: Currently being sold on Turbosquid

Material Manager

1 vote

"Iterates across all selected objects and lets you:

  • Set the bitmap filtering (summed area - pyramidal - none)
  • Rename all maps in a material based on material name.
  • Works on groups and most basic max materials. Won't work on 3rd party materials
  • "

    Hide/Unhide Biped

    1 vote

    A simple tool that allows you to hide or unhide all bipeds in the current scene.

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