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Enable X Position Inheritance for the selected objects


Toggles all Move - Rotate and Scale Inheritance for the selected object(s)


Bind this script to a hotkey and use it to additively increase the weight for each vert for the selected bone.


Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center


This script will apply a wirecolor to the selected obects using a gradient starting dark then getting lighter towards the end of the selection.

Syntax highlighting file for Crimson Editor

This is a replacement syntax highliting keyword file for Crimson Editor. It contains nearly all functions - system globals - structs - and a decent number of the major classes as of Max 7. More than 1470 keywords are defined in all -- it's big.


Little utility to copy/instance and parent many objects at once

Tweak Component Tool

This is all-in-one manipulation mode like a XSI 'Tweak Component Tool' for fast freeform modeling allows you to move - rotate or scale verts - edges and faces.


Miscellaneous selection tools (randomly select a set of objects - save/load sub-object selection).


Any selected objects will have their modifier stacks checked - and any modifier that you specify in there will be deleted.

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