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This script creates a joint Def Object from a Def object. This script requires the use of the naming convention described in the Tutorials section.Required File: TiM_Lib


6 votes

"Use this script to Freeze all "Skel" objects"


4 votes

Enable Z Rotation Lock for the selected objects


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Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center

Multi Camera Renderer

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Allows to render multiple cameras from a list defined by user : -> Save/Load capabilities for list of cameras and interface parameters -> Rendering log file generation -> Optionnal user defined script can be executed before each camera rendering -> Optionnal user defined script(s) can be executed anywhere in camera rendering list -> Frame selection for each camera to be rendered -> English and Fre

Unreal Grid tool

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Quickly set the grid size to unreal engine (or some other game engine ex: Doom3 - Quake...) units using keyboard shortcut - toolbar or quad menu.


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Mesh tessellation based on the Catmul Clark algorithm. Works on editable poly objects.


9 votes

Enable Y Position Inheritance for the selected objects


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This script will execute the mirror bones function in skin.


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Bind this script to a hotkey and use it to Decrease the weight for each vert for the selected bone to 0.

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