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Disable Y Position Locks for the selected objects


Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center


Use this script to switch to the Left view then zoom to the selected objects. Then zoom out 2x


Retimes keyframes on selected objects based on recorded time.

Control Objects

Creates custom spline control objects for rigging characters and other objects. Add the macros to your favorit quad or button bar and drag and drop these controls to place and size them. Due to limitations in creating scripted shape plugins these objects don't have any parameters to size them after creation. Use XForm modifier to size after creation.

Image Plane Creator

It has a User Interface - get front and side Image planes and according to their size and aspect ratio creates two Image plane with the correct texture .


This script will increase the selected crossection by 1This allows you to increase the radius using a hotkey/Quad/Menu Item.


Toggle All Scale Inheritance for the selected objects


This script will either (based on the object selected and its' subobject mode) paste a biped posture opposite or paste a skin envelope or mirror paste a skin envelope.


Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center

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