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Pulse Prep

4 votes

If you have a bunch of motion files - perhaps from a motion capture session - that need to be applied to a single character created in Max 4 with Character Studio 3 and converted to Pulse3d you can use this script to help alleviate a bit of the drudgery.

Ellipsoidal Projections

6 votes

Ellipsoidal projections of Earth WGS84 model


5 votes

Displays a list of all other objects in your scene that are an instance of your currently selected object.


4 votes

Lets you autoedge all the editable mesh objects in your scene


1 vote

"Quadmenu item allows you to copy a transform from one object and paste it into another. Uses Chugg_globals(see help txt)(Max4.x only)"


4 votes

"Allows the use of the Global Illumination render engine VirtuaLight (from StephaneMARTY) directly from Max. The script creates a new render effect - some new materials and a spherical area light.
Latest 1.0 Update: New release for VirtualGUIMax to fit the 1.2 of VirtuaLight."


4 votes

"Allows you to change various parameters on lots of materials.
version 1.21: Can now perform script on the current Material Library."

Create Camera From View

5 votes

"Pretty self explanatory. It creates a new camera based on the currect perspective view."

Unwrap UVW helper

7 votes

This tool gives options for numerically modifying sets of selected vertices in any Unwrap UVW modifier. Select an object - go to the Unwrap in the modifier stack and open the Unwrap Helper window.


4 votes

"Due to a bug in max 4.x it is possible to overwrite files that are marked as read-only. safeSave tools are a set of tools to replace the max internal save functions - and solve this problem (until Discreet with fix it in future versions of max). safeSave tools consists of four save tools:

  • safeSave - replaces the max save (file > sae).
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