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3 votes

This script will apply a wirecolor to the selected obects using a gradient starting dark then getting lighter towards the end of the selection.

Santa Project Planner

4 votes

For animation or gaming production you need to design production flow or deploy networkrendering architecture.
Santa Project planner helps you to design production outline and save your money to buy any commercial production flow designer.

SM Scene Optimizer

7 votes

I'd written this script some time back and it should help u when working every heavy scenes with a lot of geometry .....

This script should be of good use to animators - lighting artist - environment modellers - shading guys -

PFlow Crowd Coloring

6 votes

PFlow Script Operator. Changes UV coordinates of instanced shape according to position of particle. Example file only

Mesh Pull Modifier

6 votes

Scripted modifier plug-in that lets you pull or push a meshes vertices based on vertex color weighting.


5 votes

"Converts a box to a chamferbox - and vice versa in one click. Will convert a few simple parameters - not higher level modifiers or anything - this script is primarily for someone who makes a box - places it right - maybe rotates it - then suddenly thinks ""d'oh!"


9 votes

Creates a simple geometry object consisting of multiple prisms.

Environment System

7 votes

For creating enviorments with very nice looking water and clouds. Lots of parameters for sun position - clouds - haze etc. This script is not compiled - please read the note in the script before modifying it.


6 votes

Simple twist on the built-in Isolate - but allows multiple objects to be isolated.

Diffuse On-Off

5 votes

Simple switches for diffuse on/off texture in viewports by object selection. No need to goto the materials panel anymore

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