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This script will set the transform center to Selection

Flashy Nodes

A very simple Maxscript tool that will flash chosen objects - in your scene - between two alternating colours. This is handy if you don't want to hide any part of your scene yet want to keep track of certain objects. To use - select the nodes you wish to flash and click the 'Flash Selected Nodes' button. Those objects will now flash in your scene regards of whether they are selected or not.

Brazil Buddy

Brazil Buddy is at it simplest - a preset manager. It is also a look-development and test rendering assistant. It will let you access almost all of the settings in Brazil that can cause a render to take longer and adjust those settings. These settings can be temporarily used in a test render - commited to the scene - or stored in one of six preset slots.


Lets you increase or decrease the number of subdiv iterations for selected objects.


This replaces the Isolated dialog with a colored Timebar... Revised version of tghe shipping script Macro_IsoSel - Isolate Selection script

Found another bug and fixed the last one I hope. I thought I had gotten rid of all errors - but found a new one that this script should resolve.

Santa Reactor Properties Lister

Give you to a list view of Reactor physical Properties for all scene objects. Very helpful to mannage collision simulation when working on multiple object scene.

Through Santa Reactor PropLister floater you can easily manipulate object's mass - friction - elasticity. Just click on santaReactorPropLister on your toolbar to get the list view. Quick help with floater.


This script will collapse an object to a polygon at 0 -0 -0. This script will preserve all the properties and the UVW's. Keeping its' pivot LOCATION.This should be used in special cases as in feather for a bird that need to keep thier pivot point locations but still need to be collapsed.


Toggle X Rotation Inheritance for the selected objects


Bind this script to a hotkey to toggle between Onload and Offload for a characters rig.


"This script will shrink one mesh to the surface of another mesh or meshes. This can help making a lowpoly collision object for a character. First a snapshot of the selected object is created. The original object is put into box mode (so it is easier to see the result). Snapshots are created of the selected target object(s).

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