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Point3 Manipulator

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"Point3 Manipulator is a three-value scripted manipulator with the following features:

  • Multiline Text Field for long descriptive names
  • A Point3 and separate X -Y -Z values with own Min. - Max.
  • Blinders

    6 votes

    Helps with projects such as ride films - where there's a lot of geometry that gets processed needlessly. Basically - if an object isn't visible to the camera at a given frame - (like you've already passed it and it's behind the camera now) it's still getting analyzed during the preparing objects stage - wasting render time.


    8 votes

    Whichever material in the material editor you choose - this script will go in and find all maps within that material that have a phase variable and assign a random number to it. This is useful if say you have two rocks - both with the same texture on it that contains several levels of procedural noise.


    6 votes

    Takes you directly to the top of the stack.


    2 votes

    Hide Selected / Unselected and remember the set


    3 votes

    "These two macroscripts simpy use a new feature in R4 allowing you to stop/start the Unwrap_UVW from updating when the mesh topology changes. ie.

    Universal Transverse Mercator Projections

    2 votes

    "Complex by-cylindrical projection of the earth realworld 3D data to a plane with respect to local geodetic systems transformations - and ellipsoid height. Put simply - it will take a 3D earth mesh and project it into a plane."

    Render Elements - Shortcut to Combustion

    6 votes

    Brings your Render Elements in Combustion right away.

    Collapse Multi-Materials

    3 votes

    Collapses Multi-Materials by removing redundant entries(i.e. after attaching objects you have a multi material with several duplicate entries)


    3 votes

    A quadmenu option to resize the width/height/taper od many bone objects in one go. (Max4.x only)

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