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Physique Nodes-Weights

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We've implemented a high level MAXScript extension for Physique which allows for importing and exporting of nodes and weights. Also - here's a utility script that will convert deformable vertices to rigid vertices. To make this work - put mxsphy.dlx in your max plugin folder.


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Lets you easily set up collections of objects that strobe in and out by automatically setting keys on the visibility track.


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Based on the code of ChannelSaver - this script lets you extract 12 different optional channels from RLA and RPF to different file formats (TGA -JPG -BMP -TIFF -PNG). Allows processing of single RLA - RPF - IFL lists containing any RLA and RPF files - and all RLA

Expand Selection

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Lets you expand and synchronize both Vertex and Face selection in EditableMesh - MeshSelect and EditMesh. Selected vertices cause faces containing them to become selected - and vice-versa. Vertex selection causes the same selection to be transfered to Face


6 votes

Render a viewport with Aliased RGB channels and Anti-Aliased Alpha or the other way round...

realtrees Shadows

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Tired of creating shadows for your realtrees by hand? You're gonna love this script. Select the trees within your scene that you want to create shadows for and the script does the rest. You can choose between two shadow creation methods. A simple plane cr


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"UVTools is an independant floating window that allows quick and easy manipulation of editable mesh texture coordinates. This version allows the artist to copy and paste a tri or quads UV coordinates to other tri or quads. Copying and pasting UV coordinates is not limited to the same model. Copying and pasting can be performed between one or more individual objects.


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Small script that simply expands all tracks in the Track View - something I do quite often. Have it as a hotkeyed item - or set up a script that opens the TV and then expands all tracks if you like.


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Allows you to change parameters among selected Shag:Hair model hairs


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"Allows you to change the x y or z position of a selection of vertexes at the same time.
version 2.00 Added Undo - doesn't work in all situations - but should in some of them at least. Totally redid interface."

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