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Open Last Autoback

8 votes

Adds a possible menu item for 'Open Last Autoback'.


3 votes

A quick and painless way to place an object's pivot at 27 places on the object's bounding box. Two modes exist - local - that aligns the pivot with the 'local' bounding box (ie - it takes rotational information into account) - or world that'll align the pivot with the object's bounding box with respect to the world axis.

Edit Custom Attributes

4 votes

And updated 'Macro_CustomAtributes.mcr' file. Simply adds an edit button to the Add Custom Attributes dialog - exposing a feature that is already built in. Backup your existing one (UI/Macroscripts) and replace with this. Use at own risk.


5 votes

Quickly gets the material from the currently selected object and places it into the selected material slot.


5 votes

Allows you to change properties in an object or in a selection of similar objects or its modifiers. This script was originally called Do.ms - Do.ms now has dropdown list of paramaters instead of the manual textfield.


4 votes

"A more advanced version of the built in Quad Menu Settings script in 3dsmax4. For tweaker types. "


10 votes

ChilliSkinner is THE tool to help you prepare your low poly models for skinning simply - quickly and without texture distortion


4 votes

Allows you to quickly measure the distance between two mouse clicks.

NamedSelections Import/Export

2 votes

This script keeps you from losing named selections during a merge. Just run the export script on the original scene - then run the selection importer on the destination scene.


6 votes

Refreshes scene xrefs.

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