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Planet Gen

"Funk-tastic my scriptually challenged chums. Have a fractal planet generation script. Iteration between 100 and 500 work good. Don't be too surprided if you get a lot of land on one side and sea on the other - just run it a few time tweaking to params until you get a nice one. The poles and continents controls are NOT a gurantee of land. They just seed the planet with dummy land bits.

Tangent Util R4

A tool to modify multiple key tangents - and optionally only operate on the tracks you have selected in the Trackview. Has a new handy forward and back arrow - to modify (say) the out of the selected key to linear - and the in of the next keys also to linear - which is something I do a lot of (foot plants - etc.).


Coverts many different kinds of materials to other kinds of materials - including changing Raytraced to Standard and vice versa.


Takes a Map that's in your mat editor and applies to it to selection of objects - renders the scene - then reassigns the old material back to your objects.
version 1.11 Fixed the bug where turning off atmospherics in a maxscript render turns off atmospherics for the current renderer as well.

Attribute Keyer

"Similar to Maya's Channel Box - lets you key and view multiple animated parameters of all selected objects at once. This script allows you to easily view - and animate attributes on any number of selected objects - as well as animate Position - Rotation - or scale for the objects.

Refine Spline

Adaptively adds extra points to a shape while retaining the shape's existing points and curvature.


The same translucency script as the R3 version except it now is 2X faster. R3 Description: 'Maxscript hack for adding translucency information via vertex colors. Clumsy - slow - but can produce decent results. '

Global Meshsmooth

You can globally set meshsmooth settings on all selected objects.


Reduce keys on multiple objects and tracks at once.


Helps managing X-Ref projects when network rendering - for example. Saves paths and filenames to merge plus other options. Written for inhouse production but it should be pretty easy to tweak if needed

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