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NormalMapperUI provides a graphical front end to ATI's normal map creation tool - NormalMapper. The interface lets the user pick the input data they would like to use - the output format - and set all available creation options. The program then passes the information off to NormalMapper for the creation of the image.


Creates a spline from the vertices of a mesh object. One possible use would be to recreate a spline object if your spline has accidentally been converted into a mesh (say you collapsed a bunch of objects to editable meshes and didn't realize until it was too late that your spline had been selected too)


This script allows you to take a selected object and add an attachment controller by dragging to the object you want to attach to


Use this script to add a normal modifier - flip the normals then collapse the stack


Use this script to cycle between model hairs to hit the pivot to hair coordsys button.


This Script will save the current max scene as an increment then copy the previous file to the WIP sub-directory.If there is no WIP sub-directory then one will be created.


Toggle Z Rotation Lock for the selected objects


Align Position Z of selection to target from Pivot to Pivot


Renders the selected objects with 'overlapped' isowires. Object must be a unsmoothed base mesh with or without modifers. Changes nothing in the scene (undoes the temp changes)

Create Plate

Create a reference plate on a plane with width and heightconstrained to the image proportions.

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