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Select similar vertex - edges - borders or faces than selected on your editable poly object!
See it in action to see how this could help your workflow!


Select a material (must be a StandartMaterial) in the MaterialEditor - then run the script.
It scans through all objects and their materials and replaces all materials that have the same name as the selected one with an instance of this selected material

Vertex Colours to Flex

Converts the black/white value of an object's verts into weights in a Flex modifier. Thus you can paint you Flex weights using Vertex Paint instead of Flex's default paint interface.


This Script will allow you to pick points on a selected object to create a face that will be attached to that objects' surface.Once the new face is created you have the option to attach a null on the surface of the new face.


"Use this script to unhide all "Mesh" objects"


This script will add the skin modifier to the selected objects. Then the initial settings will be set.Finally the add bone dialog will then come up.


"Use this script to Freeze all "Ctrl" objects"


Enable X Rotation Lock for the selected objects


Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center

Render All Views

You can use this to render a composite of all 4 views. Saves some time - good for making an instant model sheet.

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