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1 vote

Resets the position - rotation and / or scale of the selected objects.

Vray material Selector and Changer

5 votes

Simple script which sets all VRay scene materials to a highlight glossiness value of 1.0 and turns off the reflection/highlight glossiness lock. Doesn't work on compound materials like Blend / Multi-sub...

Material Plane

5 votes

Creates a plane and assigns all materials of the selected objects to each poly of the plane.


7 votes

Disable X Position Inheritance for the selected objects


4 votes

Enable Z Scale Inheritance for the selected objects


3 votes

Bind this script to a hotkey and use it to additively increase the weight for each vert for the selected bone.


6 votes

Align Position Rotation and Scale of selection to target from Center to Center


5 votes

This script will apply a wirecolor to the selected obects using a gradient starting dark then getting lighter towards the end of the selection.

Max Sudoku

5 votes

made Sudoku Game in Max (puzzle)


Reset Material Editor (for pre-max8)

7 votes

Resets all material Editor slots to a default standard material.

Note that this functionality is built into 3ds max 8 and higher. However - the built-in utility can reset the sources of environment maps instanced into the material editor - while this script will leave them unharmed. In exchange - you lose the restore slots functionality of the built-in script.

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