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7 votes

Modify/Copy/Instance the properties of selections of objects all at once.


7 votes

Saves an image that represents the current environment ranges in the scene by changing all objects in the scene to a black matte color and rendering the scene with white fog. Good for doing postprocess fog and postprocess depth of field.

FilmStrip Object Creator

5 votes

Creates a strip of 35mm film complete with the associated material and texture map. It does this by taking a series of input frames from either an AVI - IFL or MOV.

Color Shifter

4 votes

The Color Shifter allows you to shift the selected lights color to red - green or blue by a specified percentage. For example - if you decide your scene would look a lot better if some of the lights had a bit of a red tint - you could slightly shift those lights to have a red color.

SetKeyTypes (aka CopySelectedKeyTypes)

7 votes

Select a key in Track View - press a button to copy its Tangent Types.
Or Set your own Tangent Types. Select ANY number of keys in ANY number of object tracks and apply the Tangent Types. Works with Bezier controllers only - others skipped automatically.
Special thanks to Neil Blevins / Blur Studio Inc.


3 votes

Old Movie filter - adds scratches - dust particles - color and frame effects to animations. MAX 2.x version available.


10 votes

A function to get an object given its name as a string. This is similar to 'getNodeByName' in avg_dlx.dlx - but doesn't require an Extension; checks for duplicates; and can be modified to do even more (see script header).


4 votes

Monitors bitmaps files in materials applied to a selection of objects. Looks for changes to each files date properties and updates maps accordingly. useful for texturing.


6 votes

Flips the visibility of selected edges


6 votes

Assigns a matte material to selected objects for use with compositing. Use on objects that are part of your scenery (ie - objects that should receive shadows from non Matte objects such as ground planes).

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