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Creates Selection set

Creates a selection set from a list of names - and renames the objects to be the same as the selection set. Just select the items you want - and run the script - and then select the items in the list just by selecting them once.

Layer[x] Interface

This script creates an easy to use visual interface that allows the user to assign objects to selection set driven layers. The interface allows the user to quickly hide - freeze - or select all objects contained in the layer - as well as rename or delete a given layer. The functionality of the script is designed to mirror that of the layer system used in Maya.

Mirror Bones

"Mirror Bones is a bone mirroring utility - which - unlike the standard mirror tool - it does not perform negative scaling. Therefore it doesn't flips the local Y axis - and thus prevents reversed rotation when rotating bones using local coordinate system.
This tool is designed to mirror bone only. It has not been tested on other objects. "


"FrameRenderLog is a simple callback script to write frame rendering time information to an external file.
View the homepage for a tutorial on how to make this script!"


maxMediaPlayer allows you to arrange max files in playlists for self running demos.
Great for tradeShows and demo rooms.

Control Da Master

3 in 1: object renamer -random wire colors and object locker


This script adds an orientation constraint to your currently selected object.


This script will decrease the falloff for the soft selection by 1.0


This script will bake all the verts in the selected objects' skin modifier.Required File: TiM_Lib


"Use this script to Freeze all "Link" objects"

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