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Lots of little useful tools to help transform things quickly.


Displays mesh data in the MAXScript Listener and saves an objects verts/faces to an ascii file.

Note Tracks

Two scripts - NoteTrack_Extractor will write an ASCII file with ALL NoteTracks in a scene. NoteTrack_Importer will read this ASCII scene and let you import any of the exported tracks to any object track in the current scene.

"MAXscriber - formerly k.a. ""Inscriber"""

Lets you stamp your frames with custom text including file name - frame number - smpte time code. Options for colors - animatable position and size - font - alignment - presets - plate and border display. Separate colors for Text - Plate and Border. Optional colo

Replace MapPaths

Lets you replace substrings or whole paths of Bitmaps. Enter both Old and New string to replace only substring. Enter only New string to replace the whole path with the new string. Don't enter anything to remove all paths from all bitmaps. MAX will look into its Map Paths and use the first copy of the file it encounters. If there is no file on the Map Paths - the Bitmap will be missing.

RadioMapper Package

Radiosity Mapper. Takes RadioRay meshes imported using the MAX 2.5 VRML Importer or WorldGrabber and creates bitmaps representing the radiosity solution.

EffectWare Scripts II

Sphere's and sticks modeler - Tumble Generator.

LatLon Converter

Convert between DecimalDegrees and DegreesMinutesSeconds formats of latitude and longitude. A macro script and an RCMenu script are provided.

SuperSlider Manipulator

"SuperSlider Manipulator is an enhanced version of the original Slider with these new options:

  • Multiline Text Field for long descriptive names
  • Ticks and Major Ticks display based on the original Snaps
  • CameraMaker

    Changes your view from a perspective to a camera view in one click (including creating the camera).

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