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"Implements a ""waterfall offset"" to the controllers and keyframes set for selected objects."


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Save R -G - B and Alpha channels to 4 separate bitmap files for later compositing.


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Allows up to 1024 samples in Material Editor. The additional samples can be scrolled up/down using a small floater. NOTE: Currently - only the displayed 24 samples can be saved with the MAX scene.


6 votes

Browse images and assign directly to objects as textures (a la DUP's Drag&Drop)


8 votes

Hide objects - even if in an open group

Map to Vertex Colour

4 votes

Assigns vertex colours to an object based on its diffuse map.


5 votes

Lets you pick an object from the scene and see which lights affect its illumination


3 votes

"Creates a list of various scene properties - to show what parts of the scene the animator may wish to optimize - like shadow maps that don't need to be as big - or uncollapsed modifier stacks that are too deep - etc.
version 1.85 Changed the way the script decides whether a light is using shadowmaps or not."


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Takes any mesh object - converts it to an editable mesh - then rendomly removes faces based on a weight or percentage faces removed. Made to remove random faces from a particle emitter object - hence randomizing where particles tend to be emitted.

ERCO Lightcontrol

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ERCO Lightcontrol is aimed on streamlining the setup - overview and animation for higher numbers of lights. Lights are grouped in 'curcuits' - mixing ls-lights - omnis and spot in one curcuit-group is possible. Groups can be dimmed intuitively and stored/recalled as 'scenes'.

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