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Bind this script to a hotkey and use it to increase the weight for each vert for the selected bone to .5.


"Use this script to hide all objects with "Bip" in the name."


Looks for EGZ materials in the scene and converts them to their base VRay materials. Currently only converts multi-sub materials and base EGZ mats.


Shoots a ray through the scene to determine the closest face on any object then sets the viewport transform matrix so the this face is oriented perpendicular to the view.

Apropos GUI

Creates a GUI for the apropos function. That lets you browse all MAXScript classes and functions.


Takes any renderable splines that are selected and gives you back the number of faces they'll create when rendered. Also included are two utility buttons that makes all selected splines either renderable or non renderable.

Muscle Builder

Builds muscles for characters. More info on author´s site.


Enhances the Tape Helper. Displays the Length of the currently selected Tape or Tape.Target in large friendly letters in a floater. Lets you move the Tape or Target while keeping fixed length of the Object. All US and Metric Unit Formats supported!

Reorder TrackView

Reorder nodes in the TrackView tree display or sort the Node Database alphabetically.

Clear Dead UV's

Scripto version of remove dead uv's. Only works on a blank stack.

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