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"Adds the missing commands for creating position and rotation lock keys within 3ds max 5
Version 2.1 update: added support for multiple object selections"


Toggles the vertex shading on/off for the selected objects.

Cycle Coordinate System

This tool progressively cycles through the coordinate system of the current transform tool.


"Let us suppose two objects are part of some motion transfer method (toothed - belt - chain etc.) with an assigned gear ratio. This script makes it possible to automatically change the value of the rotation of the sub object dependent on the value of the rotation of main object."


Stevie Ray Vaughn? No - it's Save/Restore Views (sorry - blues fans!)! Lets you store any perspective or user view and recall it at any time. Stored views are saved with the scene.


"This is a utility that shows an object's parents given its name. It is useful for finding objects within closed and/or nested groups."

setPosKey & setRotKey

works just like the create key dialog - just on position or rotation. i wrote these scripts to add to the quad menu - so i don't have to right-click the timeslider and uncheck things in the create key dialog. cuts down on mouse travel - yay wrists!

Toggle Edge Faces

This tool will toggle the visibility of edge faces within the currently selected polygon.


Connect two EndPointects with a bone that strectechs between them. Then Pick the upnode for the new bone. This script will create a bone system between two EndPointects that will follow those two EndPointects


Run this script to check if objects have 0 -0 -0 rotation

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