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5 votes

Lets you scale a bunch of objects by random amounts.


6 votes

Takes you directly to the bottom of the stack.


6 votes

Manage camera/viewport.
- Dynamically builds a UI listing all target and free cameras.
- Allows camera selection, setting active viewport to any camera, cycling active viewport thru cameras, and dollying any camera.

ignore backfacing

7 votes

toggles ignore backfacing. will only works with poly object

IK Interactivity Speedups

4 votes

This is a collection of ways to make iteracting with IK faster when using MAXScript.


12 votes

Prints the current Active Material Slot Index to the Listener.


9 votes

Scripted material plugin called 'Magmalicious' - inspired by Frank Delise's lava shader. For best results add a displacement approximation modifier to your object and adjust from there...

1.4 Update: Added coordinate selection - XYZ or UVW.

Matrix demon

2 votes

Directly input an objects matrix to warp and scale it. Now works in local space as well. Good fun on cameras!


2 votes

Collection of scripts to aid in polymodelling. This package includes scripts like Slide which slides an edgeloop towards either of it's neighbours. Dissolve - a collection of Laszlo's scripts. Untangle - which takes one selected poly and turns it into a perfect Ngon. MakePoly which lets you select a bunch of vertices and click the button to make a polygon.


3 votes

Simple down and dirty way to store two materials to assign to objects in your scene. Quickens the process of swapping materials for mattes.

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