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This script creates an red error display for the selected IK Chain.The farther the ctrl object moved from the IK chan the largerthe error display will grow.The selected IK chain must be parented to another object that is used to animate its' location.Requ


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Run this script to check if objects have been collapsed to the origin [0 -0 -0]


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This script is to change the registered biped for the Offloader_Hotkey_Toggle script.


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Paste the envelope from the copy buffer of skin to the selected bone


1 vote

Toggle Y Position Lock for the selected objects


3 votes

Disable Z Scale Lock for the selected objects


4 votes

Use this script to switch to the Back view then zoom to the selected objects. Then zoom out 2x

Quick Renderer

3 votes

Small renderer enables you quick preview the scenes - hope everyone will like it. It also has a built in movie maker...

Render Frame Adder

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Very simple little script - Allows you to set frames to be rendered. Scrub through your timeline and hit 'Add' to add the current frame to the render queue. Hit 'Update' when you're done - and the frames will be added to the queue.

Dummy resizer

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I'm getting pretty fastidious about how I'm working and I think this script kind of proves it. I didn't want to scale dummies with 'affect object' (did I say I was getting fastidious?) and I got tired of typing '$.boxsize' so I wrote this script (my first ever written from scratch!). Very simple. Does what it says on the tin.

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