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3 votes

Lets the user link rigid objects to a hierarchy using Spring (Flex-based) Links.


5 votes

Converts the rendered image into a ChromaDepth-glasses compatible image based on the scene's Z-depth. Glasses Not Included! ;o)


6 votes

Select a mesh and split it (or any Sub-Object Face selection) interactively


4 votes

Creates a 'billboard' effect for selected objects...applies a scripted controller to the rotation track of an object that emulates a LookAt controller.

Lock Key

5 votes

This script creates 'lock' keyframes - just like in R4 and later.

Skintools Envelopes

4 votes

Useful utility to facilitate modifying multiple envelopes for skin at once. Allows modification of current selected bone crosssection radius (inner/outer) and all crosssections in a skinned object at once


5 votes

Maxscript hack for adding translucency information via vertex colors. Clumsy - slow - but can produce decent results. NOTE this version needs larry's avguard extentions avg_dlx for which there is a link on scriptspot.


9 votes

Locks or unlocked the transform - rotation and scale of an object by turning on or off all the objects transform locks in one click. Thanks to Grant Adam for the original code.


9 votes

This allows you to cycle your coordinate ref system - and by using Chris Dragons MaxscriptShortcuts plugin - assign a hotkey to that. Consists of the cycling script as well as a script to set what is cycled through.


4 votes

Prints to the listener the number of edges a selected polygon has.

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