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Hammer Skin Tool For 3ds Max

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Hammer Skin Tool for 3ds max

Macroscript is under "Savas" Category
Script works on selected vertices on skin modifier.
It does not work as expected on first couple of button clicks, But starts to work properly after third button click.

Paid one and free variants are the same. You can grab whichever you like.

Should work after Max 2019 update 2. Tested on Max 2022

Pixel Painter

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Paint and animate pixels on any grid.

Upload mistake

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Apologies. Something went wrong with the upload of Material Texture Loader.

Mapping Operations

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Mapping Operations is designed to help you apply various relational functions, by relating directly one set of user selected objects to another set as a mapping text file.


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FaceExtruder is a small tool for randomly extruding faces written in MAXScript.

usage method:

1. Select an object (it needs to be converted to editable poly).

2. Set the maximum and minimum values of random extrusion height.

3. Click the "Extrude" button and wait for completion! (Green completion progress is displayed at the top of the window)

Expose Table

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Expose Table is a helper object which can load a CSV file and expose its columns as tracks that you can use copy-paste or use for parameter wiring and anywhere you would use a controller. First row of the CSV file is used for the track names, which means the headers have to be unique, all the other rows have to contain numbers.

 Expose Table 

Corona Renderer - Tone Mapping Pipeline Wrapper

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Tone Mapping Pipeline Wrapper

Hello all, this is a wrapper (Tone Mapping Pipeline Wrapper.ms) for new Corona renderer 8 tone mapping which is a not easy to work with. so here is my maxscript codes to make it easier for users to use this new feature.

You can use this wrapper pretty easily it is kind of make array of operators and work around that to make things nice and clean.


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The 2DExtruder random extrusion plug-in is a MAXScript script that can randomly extrude the thickness of multiple selected spline shapes, and also set simple growth animation.

Main features

Measure By Sphere

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Measure By Sphere in object local grid from screen

Just create sphere from point to point and look radius

Tape Floater

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Tape Floater is a Free Script that creates a floater window for the 3ds Max Tape Measures Helper and displays the updated values while you drag either the tape object or the target.