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P_Layers is a script for easily registering, selecting, and hiding layers

How to install
- Drag and Drop Script to 3ds Max Viewport
All functions are registered as macro scripts
(Customize User Interface - Category - P_Scripts)

Features include: (recommended shortcuts)

Append Layer (Shift 1~8)
- Append the selected object to the layer of that number
If the layer does not exist, it is created. The name of the layer is defined as 'Layer_1~8'

Select Layer (Alt 1~8)
- Select all objects in the layer

Vray To Corona Camera

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This Script is free and it's allow to convert all Vray Physical Camera to Corona.


Scene Notes Pro @ Show Notes Only

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Scene Notes Pro Show Notes allows you to read the notes saved with Scene Notes Pro.

You can't add and/or edit the notes, only to read them in case that you do not own Scene Notes Pro.


3ds max biped animation exporting to maya

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Mail me the bip file to convert it into maya" mel " format

[email protected]

Character Converter

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A small tool for converting characters.



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Roll is a new modifier for 3dsmax.

It’s never been that easy to Roll any geometry over the ground like if it was a physique simulation, but you now have full artistic control over its animation.


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Change camera quickly with your mouse wheel.

• Hit the keyboard shortcut
• Scroll your mouse to change camera
• Left click / "C" to accept and close popup
• Right click to accept and select camera
• Esc to return to previous camera

Pivot to spline selection

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Sets the pivot in the center of the spline selection.
Works with vertices, segments and splines.

pivot to spline selection

Batch Save 3ds Max Files to Previous Version

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Script for saving 3ds Max files to previous version in batch mode.

Mass Save 3ds Max Files to Previous Version

P_Scripts (Scripts & Shortcut Management Tool)

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P_Scripts is a 3ds Max Script & ShortCut Management tool.

P_Scripts displays a list of buttons based on the type, status, and modifiers of the selected object.
Hotkeys for using buttons in P_Scripts are independent of the shortcuts in 3ds max
It also contains the majority of the scripts you can see in the video

You can download the Demo version here.
(Verify functionality with demo version before download)