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MXSpy This is a simple script for quick dev of 3dsmax.mxspy

like this in:
import "os"
print os.path.abspath("test.ini")
filepath = os.path.dirname("d:\test\test.txt")
print filepath
import "sys"
print sys.models
import "random"
paly maxscript like python!

Save button

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If you're tired of 3dsmax Auto-saving and freezing when you are working, this script is for you.

It's based on an idea of Vincent Lacour.

installation :

Put the file in the Scripts/startup folder of your 3dsmax installation.

Restart 3dsmax How it works :

When you start 3dsmax you'll notice a new tool at the bottom left of your UI.

If you right clic on the biggest button, you'll see a few options :

UnwrapUVW Editor AutOOpen

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Materials to Scene

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Straight forward script to load a directory of your choice or by recursively going through a single directory (be careful it doesn't go through too many as this will be slow to load) and loading up .mat files.

From here the script will apply Materials only (no maps) to teapots.

I use this to quickly populate the scene with all materials inside a .mat file to tweak and update it quicker.

See screenshot.

Can be found under the category: 3dwannab


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this script lets you align an object to the sliceplane of an object with slice modifier.


works on max design 2011 x64.

Loop Regularizer

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Rearranges loops in regular n-gons.

Mobius Strip Generator

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Creates a Mobius strip at the origin. All quads, automatically chamfered and smoothed.


Detach by material ID

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I'm working as an architectural visualizer at MIR. usually i import files from OBJs. this little script splits the single imprted obj into different parts and gives the new node/object the name of the material it originally had.

Thats what i use it for but it does the same thing for any object with sub-materials.
let me know if theres any problems

Weld and Smooth

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Rapid Camera Pro

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Rapid Camera is the max script that creates both the camera rig to ease camera animation process and provides an interface to control the rig animation parameters.Have free version! Now supported VRay camera!!!

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