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QUICK WALK THROUGH V 0.0.1 (Beta) is for architectural visualization. Camera is moved using keys, mouse and controls are similar to games. It can detect walls in the direction of movement and stops in front of it if the distance between camera and wall is less than 10". Doors and windows will open/close when the camera is near/away from it. It can detect floor below it. This is useful in climbing stairs and ramps.

3ds Max 8 Quick Walk Through v1.0.0

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QUICK WALK THROUGH V 1.0.0. is for architectural visualization. In this version the script can detect 7 PivotDoors (PivotDoor01 to PivotDoor07) and 7 CasementWindows (CasementWindow01 to CasementWindow07). Using Keyboard Camera can be rotated in the x-axis also. Mouse can be used while Auto Key is on.

Advanced UV Normalizer

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Advanced UV Normalizer (AUVN) is a tool for normalizing the Texel Density across different objects.

It has a comprehensive set of features to calculate, get, set and modify the Texel Density of your models based on different parameters such as Geometry Area, Texture Area, UV Area as well as the Geometry/Pixels and Geometry/UVs Ratios.

The Texel Density can be set using a fixed texture size, or you can assign different AUVN textures and normalize them all at once using their texture size.

Animation Timer - Animator's Stopwatch

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user interfaceAnimation Timer v1.7.ms

Animator's Stopwatch converts time to frames, with toolset allowing you to jump by frames or secs.

AutoBack File Loader Zorb

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*v1.31 - Bug fixes, removed error on opening on some max versions
*v1.30 - Now supports displaying 133 different date formats!! (Use the "Change Date Format" option in the right click menu)
*v1.21 - Updated for 2010 and added thumbnail support!

Tired of navigating to the autoback dir, selecting view as detail then sorting by date to find your latest autobak file. then comparing it to your last good saved file? This script will make it easy for you. Brings up a list of max files in your autobak dir, max hold files and your last opened file, sortable by date, size and name. Double clicking will load the file, right clicking will give you a delete option.Sort settings and files displayed are saved between sessions

Unzip to your Max root dir, will be available in macroscripts under "Zorb Tools", or run it as a script from the scrips directory

Autoweight - Automatic skinning tool for 3ds Max

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Autoweight is a script designed for 3D Studio Max helping you speeding up the skinning process of characters and machines.
You define special polygon regions and the script finds the appropriate bones, calculates the appropriate skin-vertices and sets up smooth transitions between those regions.

There are also Youtube video tutorials explaining the script step-by-step.

The new version 1.0 comes with an installer so you don't need to hassle around with the mzp-stuff anymore.

BEND RIG 3 / 3.5

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bf :: Caesar cipher

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Final release.


Hello ! Tongue Out

I want to share with you my maxscript implementation of the Caesar cipher.

biped hand selector

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Enables quickly select hands and fingers of Biped.
to install extract files from archive to :
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3dsMax8\Scripts\BipedHandController\resources
Create folders BipedHandController\resources

BonyFace 2.5

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BonyFace 2.5

BonyFace 2.5 for 3ds max 2011 (also works in 3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010)
BonyFace is a professional solution for rigging and animating facial expressions on 3D Faces with ease and flexibility.

Version 2.5.1 - Fixed some minor bugs, added tips. Sample scene was added on site.

Version 2.6 was released - check offsite (see below) for details.

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