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Full toolset for game animator. Time range controlling , copy / paste animation, edit key params from tool ui, custom scripts that able to execute over each frame, custom objects linking and folding ui. Read help file for more information.


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Tools For Work With ZBrush Collected In One Rollout.


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This tool can slice selected faces in mesh and poly at any angle with given step.
Usefull in game development for slicing lightgrids or landscapes.
You can use Slice Plane Helper grid for slicing and set your own custom step. It also has 'Hold' function for undoing results.

Morph Shape Creator

14 votes

Ever want to speed up a deforming object? Gotta export to a game that doesn't handle skinning? This script will create a morph object from any deforming mesh.

Game Tools

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"Collection of game tools that allow you to model - texture and vertex paint your models within Max4.

  • Polyskin is a powerful skinning tool that allows polygon modelling over ANY shaped polygon skeleton.
  • UVTools allows you to build up multi materials in a fraction of the time.
  • SpriteRenderTool

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    "SpriteRenderTool includes:

  • lens/output-sync: change the lens of a camera but also in- or decrease the outputsize of your renderimage. the rendered object has the same size as before.
  • object-aliasing: the tool to define an object as a waterbox.
  • Spike Detector

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    "'Spike detector' is intended to help game developers who are using 3DStudio Max to create the graphics for their games.This script will help to remove the errors in the meshes generated by the spikey faces that slow down the 3d engine performance. Spike definition:A spike is a very small face in which the distance from one vertex to the opposite edge in the same face is very small."

    Global Vertex Painter

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    This tool will make global modification in vertex color / illumination / alpha values. Read the values from one object and apply the modification to others.

    Game Level Builder

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    Game Level Builder 3.0 (GLB3) - is a toolset for making convex e.g. (bsp ruled) based levels for games using discreet's 3ds maxâ„¢ and gmaxâ„¢. The main difference between GLB and all of the standard convex based level editors is that GLB's main system for modelling is not based from boxes which are hollowed or carved (CSG subtracted).


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    A fully 3D - graphical - animated blackjack game written 100% in MaxScript.

    Tired of working on your current Max scene? Just click the MaxJack button to escape the drudgery of modeling and animation. MaxJack will hold your scene for you and

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