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Game Level Builder

32 votes

This Script is a complete package for building game levels in max - and is an essential tool for building Half-Life - Counter-Strike and Quake Levels. Building your level is easy - all you have to do is draw where you want your walls to be created - and then click on the walls where you would like doors or windows placed. Floors can be created with a single click and then copied to make ceilings.


15 votes

This tool can slice selected faces in mesh and poly at any angle with given step.
Usefull in game development for slicing lightgrids or landscapes.
You can use Slice Plane Helper grid for slicing and set your own custom step. It also has 'Hold' function for undoing results.

Vertex Color Tools

12 votes

"vcTools2 is a collection of many separate scripted tools for manipulating vertex colors. It includes 'Assign Vertex Colors' - 'Bake Radiosity' - 'Adjust R -G -B -H -S -V -Contrast' -'Scale/Clamp' -'Align/Weld Colors' -'Blur' -'Blend Edges' -'Pits and Peaks' - and more. The script works on individual objects as well as multiple objects. Be sure to view the helpfile for details."


15 votes

Full toolset for game animator. Time range controlling , copy / paste animation, edit key params from tool ui, custom scripts that able to execute over each frame, custom objects linking and folding ui. Read help file for more information.


16 votes

Tools For Work With ZBrush Collected In One Rollout.

Game Tools

8 votes

"Collection of game tools that allow you to model - texture and vertex paint your models within Max4.

  • Polyskin is a powerful skinning tool that allows polygon modelling over ANY shaped polygon skeleton.
  • UVTools allows you to build up multi materials in a fraction of the time.
  • Vertex Color Tools

    2 votes

    "Blurs vertex colors - interactively adjusts HSV - interactively adjusts contrast - allows copy/paste of colors - modifications can be made to the entire object selected or just to selected verts - etc."


    6 votes

    "Two part script that is used for exploding meshes in to separate objects by their MatID's. It also has options to group the new meshes together. A textbox for a user prefix name. An option to remap the new objects from multi-sub to standard materials. The original is left unaffected."

    Delete Custom Attributes

    7 votes

    Deletes all custom attributes on all objects in the scene.

    Global Vertex Painter

    5 votes

    This tool will make global modification in vertex color / illumination / alpha values. Read the values from one object and apply the modification to others.

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