Global Vertex Painter

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This tool will make global modification in vertex color / illumination / alpha values. Read the values from one object and apply the modification to others.

Additional Info: 

Ex: You may have 30 twigs in a low poly tree. You did one twig - set vertex color/alpha/ilum values - and copy the others - moving - rotating - scaling - bending each one to build the tree.
Then you need to change a vertex vertex color/alpha/ilum value for the twigs. You select one of them - read the values with this tool - make alterations in groups of vertex with same value and apply this to all twigs. If one target twig have a different value from the master - this value won't be changed.

Other features:
- Apply the same values to similar objects (same number of vertices - based on vertex number. Ex: value of vertex 1 of targets = value vertex 1 master and so on)
- Copy between color -> illumination / illumination -> color / swap values in several objects
- Global relative modifications with viewport preview
- HELP button included ! :)

Known Problems:
If you use vertex paint modifier before using this script - strange things will happen...If you use 'explode' in a mesh - strange things will happen too...

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