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Tools For Work With ZBrush Collected In One Rollout.

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Vertex ( >0) - Move Pivot To Objects Vertex
Vertex ( 0 ) - Move Pivot To Object Center
Vertex (-1 ) - Move Pivot To World Center
Reset All - Reset Transform, Reset Scale, Reset XForm
Objects Pivot - Move Pivot To Picked Objects Pivot
Expand - Shift Faces On 1 UV Quad In Unwrap By They Material ID (Sub Object Level Must Be Face)
Compact - Shift Faces Back
--> Shift Selected Right On 1 UV Quad In Unwrap
<-- Shift Selected Left On 1 UV Quad In Unwrap
Morph - Assign To Selected Object Morpher Modifier With 100% Active Picked Object In First Channel
Coll. - Collapse Stack
Export - Export Selected Object In obj File, Save in folder where max File is located And Give Objects Name
to Folder - Open Export Selected Window
Import - Import obj File With Name As Selected Objects Name From Max File Folder
from Folder - Open Import Window

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3ds max 9, 8
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