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Key Manager

6 votes

"This is a version of the Key Manager script originally by Randy Kreitzman. I modified it to work with TCB controllers instead of just Beziers. It allows you to change the tangent type - ease in/out and TCB settings for a bunch of selected Track View keys all at once (even on multiple controllers). You can also shift what is selected - and affect prev/next keys as well.


3 votes

This script adds a position constraint to your currently selected object.


9 votes

Adds user-specified noise to the position track of an object.

Controller Daddy

4 votes

"Assigns either EulerXYZ - PostionXYZ - or ScaleXYZ to one or more selected objects. "


5 votes


Step Bezier

7 votes

Converts selected objects' animation tracks to bezier animation with stepped interpolation between keyframes.

Spring Joint

12 votes

"Spring Joint is a Macro Script for applying and managing a script controller and a set of custom attributes to simulate procedural torsional spring motion. You can apply Spring Joint to any object that has a position/rotation/scale transform controller and unconstrained rotation.


4 votes

This Script will allow you to pick points on a selected object to create a face that will be attached to that objects' surface.Once the new face is created you have the option to attach a null on the surface of the new face.

Wiggley Stick

15 votes

Applies a spring-like motion on top of existing animation for any object.

MB Collapse

30 votes

Macroscript (without user interface) that will accurately collapse (bake) any transformation (position, rotation, scale) into keyframes (one keyframe per frame for the current animation range). Unlike the built-in tools, this works for any kind of controller as well as for parented objects (which will be unlinked afterwards).

v0.3 update: