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this is a replacement for the standard xref scene manager with the main goal - allowing you to switch on/off xref scenes quickly. just leftclick and rightclick on an item in the list.

16 x 9 Effect (Letterbox)

14 votes

This script will crop the top and bottom of your image to give you a letterbox effect.

2 Point Coordinate System

10 votes

Lets you create new Coordinate System based on two points clicked in Top view.

2-Tangents circle

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This script allows to create a circle relative to two tangent segments selected in a spline shape. 

New : Another version of the script that allows to create a 3-tangents circle has been added.

2D Fluid Solver in MaxScript

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I made simple tool to visualize fluid motion based on Navier-Stokes equations. Technique is based on research made by Jos Stam and described in his publications. Below few links, for more information go to my website.

More info on my blog



2D Tree/People Object

16 votes

Creates planar faces to be used as opacity mapped trees or people. You can get a sample and some maps in VIZ 3 Sample Scripts.


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"Here is a script that calculates the 2D position of a 3D object on the rendered image depending on the camera properties and render resolution. Two files are exported containing animation curves to be loaded into Shake for tracking purpose. It doesn't matter if the object isn't visible on screen.

3 Point Coordinate System

10 votes

Lets you create new Coordinate System based on three points clicked anywhere in 3d space - pretty handy when modeling.


43 votes

Macroscript that allows you to precisely align an object by aligning three points on the object to any another three points in space.

New: Modeless dialog; support for groups; automatic snap

360 MultiCubeMap BatchRender

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360 MultiCubeMap BatchRender is a script for Generate a 6-cameraRig and render individual Cubemaps automatically with Full VRAY Support including Render Elements.

It can be very useful to render several cubemaps in 360 in one single scene. Both Single frame or animation.

Supports VRAY only.

 Update 1.5.0

FIX Equilateral Render
ADD Project Name Folder
ADD File Render Extension - JPEG / Tiff / PNG / EXR / TGA

 Update 1.3.2

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