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AutoModeller Pro is a brand new, incredibly advanced, game-changing, native and heavily multi-threaded plugin(C++) for 3ds Max (2010-2018). It allows you to apply or paint a group of meshes as "geometry texture" onto your existing 3ds Max scene geometry.

AutoModeller Pro distributes the objects of the "geometry texture" on the surface of the target object based on the target object's UV mapping, this is similar to displacement mapping, except you are using real 3ds max objects as source "geometry textures".

And these objects can be sliced, soft-sliced, scaled, deformed at the borders or wrapped around curvature. Multiple such "geometry textures" can be combined on a single target object while painting using a "replacement brush" (using collision detection), also note how the objects are sliced and capped at the borders(here using paint brush randomization):

You can also paint any geometry texture on any object in the scene, without any complicated setup procedures! For handling enormous scenes AutoModeller Pro supports instances and proxies,a multi-threaded attach modeto generate a single mesh- that makes it easier to generate proxies, and the preview Mode Tool automatically hides target geometry you’re not currently working on(during painting).


AutoModeller is also capable of wrapping an object around another curved object in real-time, like on this cylinder :

And there's even a stairs-mode /stairs-brush to quickly create stairs:

In the following example we paint a geometry texture onto a cylinder, this works similar to the clone-brush in a 2D painting tool:

A very useful feature in AutoModeller Pro is the UV-Island detection during painting, which lets you quickly fill an entire UV-island of your target object with a click, also it automatically replaces any objects that have been there previously:

Generally automodeller "remembers" everything you have painted so you can delete it while holding ALT during painting or make individual adjustments to an individually painted object:

After you painted some stuff, AutoModeller Pro can automatically update the resulting objects whenever you change the base geometry of your target object and notice how the objects are "soft sliced"when the UV of the target object is changed:

AutoModeller Pro brings incredible value to any 3D Artist working with 3ds Max, if you haven't done so already check out the demo version on our homepage. There are a lot more features in AutoModeller Pro, you can learn about over at

For any inquiries, please use the official contact form on our homepage as it makes it easier for us to get in touch with you.


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010-2018


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Max 2018 support now added

Max 2018 support now added too.

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Delivery is 100% automated.

Delivery is 100% automated. Sometimes the automated email might get blocked though, but we usually respond within one day if you contact us via email.

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So cool, I like the script,The method of mass production model is the plug-in

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go to

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automodeler pro basics

AutoModeller Pro comes with very powerful painting capabilities that allow you to paint any geometry texture on any object in the scene without having to set up anything. Just select the geometry-texture and paint on any object in the scene. You can also combine multiple different geometry textures this way, using a powerful replacement-brush any previously painted objects will automatically be replaced when you paint over them.

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I guess freelancers are not

I guess freelancers are not really our target audience, sure zbrush
and other software packages bring way more features for the price,
but we don't compete with them(that's impossible!)instead we consider
our software to be a "specialized" plugin for 3ds max, so if you need
that "special" feature you are going to have to pay the price, end of story.

so far this works for us, and I don't see any reasons
why to change it.

On another note 3ds Max is 200$ each month(!) and they are not really
reinventing the wheel with each new release whereas the free alternative
blender has become quite powerful(and popluar) but they still demand such
a high price for 3ds max simply because they can.

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So cool, I like the script

So cool, I like the script,The method of mass production model is the plug-in。

My scripts:

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