Multi Mesher

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This is a quick FREE tool.
it acts like the Mesher, but instead of picking only one source object you can have a list of them.
And with some boolean options to intersect or subtract the meshes.

there is a add list for the boolean addition objects
and another one for the subtract objects

it keeps the animation...modifiers, and the uv's.

and the Source objects remains separate, so it'll not collapse it in one, like the boolean does.

you can also pick splines

installation :
1 : put the file in your script, startup folder.
2 : restart max
3 : in geometry, KinematicLab, you'll find the MultiMesher object

updates :
03/06/2014 : uv's problem on the first element of the Add list : Solved
04/06/2014 : errors when nothing selected in the add list
04/06/2014 : UI improvements and Intersect and Invert lists added
04/06/2014 : pick button on each list

Version Requirement: 
at least from 2010
Video URL: 
multimesher_v02.mse10.35 KB