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I have released Octopus, which is a really cool menu system. It is highly customizable and gives you huge flexibility whatever you are doing inside 3dsmax. For further informations, go and check my website, where you can get it. Current features: :)


Here you can download DEMO VERSION of Octopus!


  • NEW - Backup button added to Octopus Manager. Using it you can backup your presets.
  • NEW - License Key Activator now has the option to use a proxy server. You can bypass firewalls with it. You just have to type in a transparent proxy server in this form: xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa:pppp

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2013 - 2020
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It's an update, you don't

It's an update, you don't have to buy it again. Just sign in to your account and click on "MY DOWNLOADS". There you can download the most recent version of Octopus.

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who purchased the previous

who purchased the previous version, have access to the latest update? or do you have to buy again?

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New version (v1.15) of Octopus released

Change Log

NEW – Added the option to change the Fade In Length. If you zero it out, it will pop-up instantly (delay)
NEW – Pressing any button (Except F2, F3, F4, Ctrl, Alt, Del), will close Octopus
NEW – ModelingSpinnerExtended preset
NEW – Selection preset
FIXED – Maximum value on Y Axis was not saved properly
CHANGE – Code optimizations

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Hello and thx for this good script.
if i bought this scripts can i make the menus on one pc and install the demo version on another 7 pcs and load this menus? or i have to buy 4 licenses?

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I have good news for all users, my website is reachable from Brazil and from China as well. So if you wanted to bux sny products from https://rapidmxs.com now you have the chance to do that.

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Hi! Currently it's not


Currently it's not possible, but I theory I can make it to work that way. (right click to close currently opened Octopus) I will test it out and implement it, if it's working without any errors.

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Great script! One question...

This is a great script for organizing workflow in 3dsmax! I am so happy that I decided to buy it and would definitely recommend it to all!

Can you please tell me, if it is possible to set the right mouse click to act like the left click, that is to exit the menu when it runs a macroscript?

Many thanks!

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use software language

ı want to make new materials library my own project your rollout is good ı want to make as same as rollout about model or material library can ı do maxscript or python or c#

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You can nest your menus and

You can nest your menus and you also can jump between them. so yes it is possible. It's not right click, but hotkey based.

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I'm wondering..

Does it support popup sub menu like maya hotbox?

thank you.

Senior Artist

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