Bokeh in 3dsmax with particle flow and maxscript

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Note from admin - I just ran across this great tutorial showing how to use maxscript and pflow to render fast, simulate dof based on camera focus.


This script will define particle’s scale and transparency depends on camera’s focus. Now you can animate the geometry or the camera and render the particles with scanline. Don’t forget to cache all the particles for viewport/render using the Cache operator.

This setup renders pretty fast as opposed to mental ray’s or vray’s honest dof. And we have fast bokeh effect with the ability to inceract with scene geometry.

P.S. While i worked with the script there were a couple of obstructions, which took several hours to break. And after finding the proper solution, i found that exactly same solutions were already described at the second disc of CG Academy Particle Flow Scripting. So if this theme is interesting for someone – i advice to look through. My respect to Bobo!

That is all.

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