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Lesson 18 - 3DS Max - Total Beginners - Lathe Modifier 2

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This is another example of using the Lathe modifier in the Total Beginners series, you can watch the first part for a deeper explanation.
Here we will create a bottle of water with a geometry representing a label(without a texture).
In addition to what we've learned in the first video, at minute 7:05, we will see how we can add an Edit Poly modifier, and subdivide polygons to create the label part.

Lesson 17 - 3DS Max - Total Beginners - Lathe Modifier

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In this lesson for 3DS Max total beginners series, we'll learn about the Lathe modifier, we will learn how to use it properly, plus all its parameters, also we will see how to set up a background image to use for drawing the outline needed to model the geometry. We will learn how to draw the outline, fillet the corners, outline the segments,... At minute 15:17 we will learn the concept of Implicit geometry vs Explicit geometry.

Lesson 13 - 3DS Max - Total Beginners - Intro To TurboSmooth - Part 1

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In this tutorial, we will learn about TurboSmooth modifier, what's for, how it works, how to use support edges to constraint the smoothing to specific parts of the model, and finally a quick explanation of why professionals recommend keeping your polygons as quads(= 4-sided polygons).

Lesson 4 - 3DS Max - Total Beginners - Explaining Editable Poly - Making A Simple Drawer

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In this 5th video, we'll learn about Editable Poly object, its sub-objects elements, explaining some of their main tools, what they do and how they work. After, we create our first 3D model, which is a simple drawer with shelves and 4 legs. During the video, you will hear many additional, and useful tips that will make your workflow easier.

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