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3DS Max - Vray Frame Buffer - Real Zoom explained

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In this tutorial, we will look at the difference between the regular zoom inside the Vray Frame Buffer, and the Real zoom. The benefit of using Real zoom is that it acts as if you're getting closer to the actual geometries in your scene and rendering them, also, in this mode you can check out other parts of your scene, not included in your actual rendering limits, without the need to mess up your camera location, or, if you're in a perspective viewport, messing up your viewpoint.

3DS Max - Invisible Sections Problem With Loft - Explained

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In this tutorial, we will look at the issue of invisible cross sections inside the Loft tool. This happens when you choose Editable Splines or shapes with Edit Spline modifier as a cross-section. I will explain why they happen, and what can we do in that scenario.

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