WPF in 3ds Max

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James Haywood

James Haywood covers the basics of integrating WPF inside 3ds Max 2011 using dotNet 3.5

Quoted from article:
"Some time ago I wanted to start getting my head around WPF, and especially how I could integrate tools made with WPF into Max. So I decided to start with something simple, which was to take an existing script that displays a progress bar using standard Max controls and convert it to WPF.

I'm not going into the details of WPF programming because there's a ton of useful information on the interwebs already. And if you want a good reference book, I can recommend Adam Nathan's "WPF Unleashed" (although you might want to wait for the new version). But the WPF portion of this project is available for download at the bottom of this post."

Read more at the tutorial link below.

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3ds Max 2011