Rendering Revolution Competition

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Rendering Revolution Competition - Submissions Are Now being Accepted Until October 31!

Here’s your chance to show off your best architectural work through high-quality renderings AND win great prizes! Sponsored by Autodesk®, CGarchitect, and NVIDIA, the Rendering Revolution contest is a global still image architectural visualization competition in celebration of the Autodesk® 3ds Max® 20th Anniversary and advancements in GPU-accelerated rendering solutions.

maxFX scene

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Anyone who has enough knowledge in MaxScript is encouraged to update it and, hopefully, share it with the community :)


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This is a small script for completely removing all references to missing plugins from your 3ds Max scene.

Use with care (!) and do not save the results under the same file name!

The script will replace any missing plugin object with the first usable alternative object of the same class it can find. I cannot give any guarantees this will not mess up your data, your machine or your live.

Ceiling Grid Generator

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Ceiling Grid Generator is a free MaxScript that will quickly create 'metal' ceiling grids commonly seen in commercial interior spaces where acoustical tile ceiling exists.

This script allows you to set custom sizing for the tile openings, the width of the grid, the height of the grid, and also creates the strips along the border for a nice finished look. You can also shift the grid side to side or up and down as well as rotate the grid. You can then preview the final grid, or go back and make more changes before committing to a grid that fits your space perfectly.

Autodesk 3ds Max 20th Anniversary

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Make sure to head on over to The Area for the 20th Anniversary of Autodesk 3ds Max!

Stone Placement Tools

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This script creates stone walls, quad stones pavements and irregular stone patterns for various uses. It's suitable for both realtime and production.

Fracture Voronoi

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This script breaks any mesh while preserving its volume.

Rock Generator

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aa_rockGen 1.0 - maxscript procedural rock generator for production and real time environments.

TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

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Chaos Group to present new developments at SIGGRAPH 2010

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Chaos Group will be giving demos of Phoenix and V-Ray RT at this year’s SIGGRAPH. They will also be holding a public event showing how V-Ray can be integrated with post production tools into studios’ pipelines. Also of note, Chaos Group and the CGschool will be offering an 8-hour thorough training event called “The Best of V-Ray” that covers various issues including speed, detail, and noise in renders, animation techniques for static and non-static scenes, practical lighting of exterior and interior scenes, etc.

Chaos Group Booth 612
SIGGRAPH Exhibition floor 27th-29th of July, 9.30-6.00 pm

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