Stone Placement Tools

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Alessandro Ardolino

This script creates stone walls, quad stones pavements and irregular stone patterns for various uses. It's suitable for both realtime and production.

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aa_stonePlacementTools 1.0 for 3dStudio Max

this script collects some utilities for the creation of stone walls, stone pavements and an irregular stone pattern to simulate both walls and floors.

the script automatically bakes normal maps, AO maps and height maps for realtime use.

the images from the video are rendering of some script-generated patterns, without any material, only postproduction and compositing.

the script is now available for download!
tha script can be used for both personal and commercial purpose,
I you like it and found it useful, just let me know and let me see
some results :)

Please refer to the video to see almost all the features in action.

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aa_stoneplacementtools.zip53.62 KB


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rezoloot's picture

Hi and big thank you

Max 2014 (16) SP5 win7 64, works like a dream, every parameter, not one problem, it actually helps me out in a few ways, will post results, on another tip, in your new version, will you be adding spline's for the walls to follow, I know its a big ask but its such a great script.

Once again, thank you

Derp Meowslurp's picture

copy the .mse and the folder

copy the .mse and the folder into your scripts folder in max root.

Then you need to make a macroscript and drop it into your viewport. Preferably save .mcr in the maxroot/Macroscripts folder.

Here is the template:

macroScript stonePlacement
	category: "Derp_Meowslurp"
	internalcategory: "stonePlacement"
	toolTip: "Stone_Placement"
	buttonText:  "StonePlace"
	scriptFile = (GetDir #scripts) + "\\aa_stonePlacementTools_1x0.mse"
	if (doesFileExist scriptFile) then
		fileIn scriptFile
		messageBox "Unable to locate the script." title:"ERROR!!!"		

You can change the top four strings in the quotes to whatever you want; the category string will make any new name you put in it. so it will be found in the customize menu.

All your scriptz are belong to me!

jla's picture


Very nice script Alessandro however after reading through the comments here i see you mention a version 2.0 in the works, can we have an update on how far along that update is? :D

Kidd Kosmonaut's picture

Instant Error


Just downloaded and installed Stone Placement Tools and I am getting an error right out of the gate. I'm working in 3dsMax 2014 x64. I installed everything that came in the zip to the same level in my Max plugins folder. Is there a fix for this or did I not install it properly? Thanks for any help.

jc_bahia's picture

Script don´t work

Hi, really great script but, don´t work in 3DS Max Design 2012 x64?


1.jpg 20.68 KB
lightcube's picture

Unknown Property DirectX_Manager in Standardmaterial

Someone else reported this (below) for Max 2012. I'm getting it in Max 2013:

-- Error occurred in aa_stonePlacementTools_bakeNormalMap(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\scripts\aa_stoneplacementtools\aa_stonePlacementToolsSource\aa_stonePlacementTools_utility_1x0.mse; position: 12537; line: 499
--  Defined in encrypted script
--   called in nmapBakeB.pressed(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\scripts\aa_stoneplacementtools\aa_stonePlacementTools_1x0.mse; position: 10243; line: 257
--  Defined in encrypted script
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Unknown property: "DirectX_Manager" in Standardmaterial:Standard <<


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

PoloAlberti's picture

ayudame por favor INSTALACION

Hola, acabo de bajar el plugins para instalar el Stone Placement Tools, sin embargo tengo problemas para instalarlo, porque el archivo aa_stonePlacementTools_1x0.mse no lo tengo, por ese tengo el aa_stonePlacementTools_1x0 (sin extension)lo que dificulta la ejecución y el run correspondiente, y hay otros archivos que son aa_stonePlacementTools_irregularStones_1x0 aa_stonePlacementTools_stoneQuads_1x0 aa_stonePlacementTools_stoneWall_1x0 aa_stonePlacementTools_utility_1x0 Por favor necesito con suma urgencia me ayuden porque es una herramienta super!... Confio en su pronta respuesta. Gracias y Exitos.

JokerMartini's picture

Super quick to block out

Super quick to block out scenes and environments.

Thanks for this.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

Milo's picture

Error click normals

Hi Alessandro

Fantastic script !!!

But I have an error max when i click on normals :

MAXScript rollout Handler Exception
--Unknown property: "DirectX_manager" in Standardmaterial:Standard
using max 2012 design x64

any idea ?

BVallori's picture

Provisional solution

I think I've just found a provisional solution. I saved a pavement built with StonePlacement in File_1. Then I made a new wall with StonePlacement in File_2, and then I imported the pavement from File_1, and then it works! They were both converted into editable meshes.
Hope this will be useful for someone!

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