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Tool to create branching geometry from a series of splines.

The Download URL is for the free version.
Follow the Homepage URL for the full version.


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Problem: The filesize of scenes suddenly increases dramatically. This slows down the workflow since every manual-save and autobackup-save takes long and it fills your fileserver with maxfiles that are very big.

Reason: 3ds max adds notetracks and reactor-collisions to the scene. A common workaround for this problem is ctrl+N (New Scene: Keep Objects and Hierarchy) or to merge your scene into an empty new scene.

Elements to Objects

14 votes

A simple detach tool that explodes the selected objects into their elements.


1 vote

And all this works by single button

Align Objects To Direction (vector)

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Align Objects To Direction allows you to align the X, Y or Z axis of each of the selected objects to the direction(vector), defined by two picked in the scene points. SNAP will be turned ON automatically.

Key copier

3 votes

"Now you can use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to copy and paste keys in the track view. Uses Chugg_globals(see help txt)(Max4.x only)"

Taskkill 3dsmax.exe

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Unzip in any folder and just need to create a label in Desktop and assign a hotkey in it


8 votes

Animation Baker

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Hello everyone :)

here's my first free script for baking objects animation, hope you find it useful

Best Regards,,
Mahmoud Hesham

Material ID Organizer

7 votes

Free version. More info bellow.

This is test / demo version of Material ID Organizer  (MatIDs and VRay Effect ID are used to render material masks with MultiMatteElement)

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