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3DS Max- Freestyle Rigging Toolkit

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I created this script for my Masters project at Bournemouth University. It allows you to create almost any rig in a modular fashion by simply drawing points and creating rig modules in between them.

It also has features for space switching, animation geometry and some hard coded deformation systems for the hip and shoulder.


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This script uses callbacks to turn Autokey on when Max starts up, loads a file, creates a new file, and resets a file. It also toggles Key Mode. I got tired of turning on autokey and key mode every single time I opened a file. I know that sounds like I'm lazy but after working with Maya I got used to my software package remembering my presets. It uses callbacks to turn autokey on and key mode.


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A fillet tool,but for polygon object, which can maintain tangent properties to adjcent edges of an arc ,keep or ajust the Radius and number vertices for it, output a more smooth apperance. So you need not worry about your splines have not been optimized enough


VRay Orthographic Rendering Camera Rig

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Simple VRay camera rig to produce orthographic renderings.

  • Front, Right, Left, and Rear Camera positions
  • Adjustable Rig - X, Y, Z, radius
  • Adjustable Camera Settings to fit object in VFB
  • Test Render button for preview


Camera and Rig:

Light Table

4 votes

Tool for animators to display ghosts/onionskin of selected objects, like in 2d animation software

(Inspired by TVPaint's light table)

Scripts for VrayProxy

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Export Mesh to VRayProxy with material.

Create VRayProxy with material.

Load VRayProxy Material.


Vray mesh Export v0.9

  • Adds "Test Render" function.
  • Adds "Light Multiplayer".
  • Adds capability for saving settings the utility.

Fixes issue with loading materials



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Open Source now :)


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Fountain Animation Tools (F-Tools)

213 votes


About FTools.script in English:

Manual in English:


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It's a sample max file show how to use PF script update particle shape per frame.
sorry I don't know how to make it as a tool,
So,just open max file and see how it work.

only for 3dsmax 2011 upper.

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