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TurboReverse is a 3ds Max modifier that has the opposite effect of TurboSmooth. It will recreate the subdivision levels of an already subdivided mesh with 100% precision maintaining the existing UVs. Get it from http://www.mariussilaghi.com/products/turboreverse


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Hexagon pattern primitive. The size of individual hexagons is driven by a texture map. Map colors can also be saved to vertex color channel.

Convert Normal Maps

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Version 1.6
Simple script that converts any NormalBump map to VRayNormalMap and vice versa.

Plane Lens Distortion

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Plane Lens Distortion (PL Distortion) it is the primitive plane with applied UV mapping coordinates which allows you to correct lens distortions on Bitmap of assigned Material.


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3dsMax 2017 introduced the new viewport material override. SuperClayMode is a script which mimics built-in clay mode with custom matcap texture by utilizing this viewport material override feature. This script makes a ShaderFX shader with matcap uv on the fly and assign the material as override material and turn on Rendering Setting mode. It is designed as a toggle mode. Therefore, you should make button or assign shortcut for this script. Free to download and use.

select open spline knots

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Just sharing some code I already inside of other scripts for someone that asked. This is really basic maxscript that will loop through your selection and select at sub-object vertex level any "open" vertices. No error checking, lots of situations that will break it. (Selecting objects that aren't "editable spline", even a circle primitive will error.) If you have multiple objects selected, it maintains that selection, but if you select just one of them and go into subobject, your verts will be selected. Just a starter for folks to use.


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This MAXScript will help you to build puzzle of editable_spline objects in 3dsMax.

Superflow Original

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V-MOTION - Superflow Original

Developed by Ian Clemmer http://www.ianclemmer.com

Programmed by Panayot Karabakalov a.k.a. Anubis http://www.scriptspot.com/users/anubis

Vertex to shape

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This is a script I did for a co-worker. It takes a vertex selection and turns that into a shape. It is the same as taking an edge loop and converting it to a shape but with less button clicks. Actually that is how it is scripted as well. It takes a vertex selection and converts it to a edge selection and then shrinks it to get the right edge loop. Then it just converts the edge to a shape. Pretty simple but it might help your work flow if you need something like this often enough.


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1 An increase in the variety of presentation formats, such as: EXR, TGA, JPG, TIF, PIC, PNG, AVI, etc. 

2 increase is layered like the Maya renderer. 

3 Double-click the name of the scene file can be loaded, save the file, right-click 

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