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V-Ray Proxy Tools

This is a very simple tool for controling the display of proxys in your scene. It is quite useful on large scenes with a great deal of proxys. 




A simple tool to save a lot of time if bridging a lot of polygons is part of your workflow.

[V1.2] UPDATE!

Now LazyBridge works even if the editable poly in question has modifiers on top. Also, the GO button is no more, now the script will automatically select an bridge polygons when you click the direction button.


PreRenderCheck Script for V-Ray and 3ds Max

Here’s a simple little pre-render script, that checks and warns you about those things you may have overlooked for whatever reason. The first thing it does is check if you are rendering a camera view, and if you are not, it asks you which camera view to render.

Sometimes you are doing GI precalculations or by accident you tick “Don’t render final image”. The script will check for that and ask if you want to switch it off or not.

Turn Time Slider / Status Bar


A simple UVW map modifier randomizer, with a minimalistic UI and some extra tools like rotating and aligning gizmos, on multiple objects at once.

Recently I've had to model a lot of office furniture, and there were hundreds of wooden boards we had to map. To avoid texture repetition, we adjusted the UVW coordinates on individual boards, but it's a huge hassle to do by hand.


CURVES_to_3DS allows you to make 3d models right from Adobe Photoshop in a single click.


PSD_to_3DS allows you to texture objects and create textured planes directly from Adobe Photoshop.



- July 15-2008: add support for Maxwell 1.7

Convert Materials between Vray-Standard-MentalRay-Maxwell

The Rig Vadar

Facial Animation script using Osipas joystick control method. Also provides a simple bone based rig.

Collapse Geometry

I wrote this tool as I was sick of the default collapse tool crapping out when trying to collapse large amounts of objects. So far this has tool has been pretty rock solid. I mainly use it when I need to work with CAD files that I have imported. It is pretty self explanatory.

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