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3DS Max Multi/Sub-Object Material Browser Script

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When dealing with various bitmaps to be applied on multiple objects (i.e large video walls), this script comes really handy. The purpose is to scroll through the Multi/Sub-Object Material diffuse bitmaps and apply on one or several objects.

Change Log:
v0.9b :

  • Bug Fix.
  • Added icons and macroscript.
  • v0.9a :

  • SubObject Support.
  • Preview before applying.
  • Improved Code and functionality.
  • New features added.
  • RTTassist

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    3DS Max Hot Box

    201 votes

    After being inspired by the video I saw of a Max hot box here on Script Spot I decided to work on my own. So here is the first version, its only a beta so some bugs or problems are to be expected. I am giving it out early as I want to get as much feedback as possible  I am currently debating whether to follow the Maya route or do something a bit different. 

    Batch Loader

    75 votes

    Quick Merge/Import multiple files.

    UI v.1.7


    • Merge multiple .MAX files
    • Import multiple .* files (ie all that can be imported)!
    • Log all files where failed to load to Listener (if any)
    • Multiple history for recent used paths available
    • Limit count of recent paths to keep in history added
    • Group option available
    • Layer option available
    • Attach option available
    • "Auto" option (if is checked no prompt for Merge/Import) *

    Batch Preview Renderer

    4 votes

    The script searches for files in a given directory and renders a preview from the files found.
    Ideal if you have a lot of model library and you dont know the content of the files.

    Camera Studio

    1 vote


    Camera Studio allows you to animate cameras much faster! You can create an orbit or spiral motion around selected objects with just 1 click and easily manipulate it. There is a number of other motion presets. Add shake to selected cameras when you need.
    The motion path function allows you to create a seamless motion between several reference cameras (watch the video).

    Clothify Pro

    3 votes

    Clothify Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that makes modeling and animating cloth easy, controllable, artist-friendly, fast and non-destructive.
    Get it from https://mariussilaghi.com/products/clothify-pro

    Contrast Pro

    1 vote

    Contrast Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that enhances the details of 3d models. It allows you to quickly add contrast to whole models or to highlight only some specific areas. Areas with large and small polygons can be set to receive the same amount of contrast with the "Uniform" option. Get it from https://mariussilaghi.com/products/contrast-pro

    Create-Modify switcher

    4 votes

    The only one hotkey toggles Create mode and Modify mode. Works as cycle.

    Convenient to exit / enter the edit mode of the object.

    Только одной кнопкой переключает Create mode и Modify mode. Работает как цикл.

    Удобно для того чтобы выйти/зайти в режим редактирования объекта.


    7 votes

    DeltaMush to Skin is a c++ 3ds Max modifier which smooths deformations while preserving details with "converting" to Skin feature - the plugin solves Skin weights matched as close as possible to the DeltaMush result. It enables the user to export such rigg to the game engine like Unity, Unreal etc. The whole process is incredibly fast thanks to multithreaded optimization.

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