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Check Total Lengths SplineShape

74 votes

This simple and funny script, you can measure the total length, check the number of segments and the Knot of SplineShape. Very useful :)



44 votes

Macroscript that allows you to precisely align an object by aligning three points on the object to any another three points in space.

New: Modeless dialog; support for groups; automatic snap

Align | Orient

7 votes

"A combination of two scripts.
Align. Alignes selected object to picked object.
Orient. Orients the rotation of selected object to the picked object."


8 votes

A 3ds max 4 version of the R3 script (which used to be a RCmenu).
Select a single geometry object, click button, pick a normal on the surface of the object by clicking and holding the mouse, release mouse to set view. NOTE: Does not work as Action Item for QuadMenus yet. (Bug in MouseTrack?)


12 votes

"Select a single object (anything except objects with Targets) - press button - select an Axis to align and Perspective/User view mode and press OK to align the view to the object or cancel to reset to the original view (as well as possible).


8 votes

Selects faces within a given angle (world space) and lets you apply vertexcolors to the selection

Works currently only on editMesh

Arch & Design Overwrite

7 votes

This little script allows the user to Overwrite most of the Arch & Design shader properties.

AutoBack File Loader Zorb

52 votes

*v1.31 - Bug fixes, removed error on opening on some max versions
*v1.30 - Now supports displaying 133 different date formats!! (Use the "Change Date Format" option in the right click menu)
*v1.21 - Updated for 2010 and added thumbnail support!

Tired of navigating to the autoback dir, selecting view as detail then sorting by date to find your latest autobak file. then comparing it to your last good saved file? This script will make it easy for you. Brings up a list of max files in your autobak dir, max hold files and your last opened file, sortable by date, size and name. Double clicking will load the file, right clicking will give you a delete option.Sort settings and files displayed are saved between sessions

Unzip to your Max root dir, will be available in macroscripts under "Zorb Tools", or run it as a script from the scrips directory


21 votes

This utility helps you to embed MAXScript code into any scene file. The code will then be run each time after the file has loaded - much like the old autoexec.bat file in MS-DOS.


8 votes

(it's a badger - get it?) one of the most important features of photoshop is to batch process a whole bunch of files at once with a pre-made action.

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