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This utility helps you to embed MAXScript code into any scene file. The code will then be run each time after the file has loaded - much like the old autoexec.bat file in MS-DOS.

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To run - just run the script (MAXScript > Run Script - then select this file). A floating dialog will appear. You can either enter MAXScript code directly - or point to an external MAXScript file that will then be loaded each time.

The advantage of an external file is that you can easily change the code that will be run upon load by changing that file. The disadvantage is that you need to remember to copy that file if you give the scene file to someone else.

If you choose to use an external script file - you have the option of using an absolute filename (e.g. C:3dsmaxscriptsmyscripts or use a path relative to the scene file (e.g. ..scriptsmyscripts There also is an option 'Delete after first run' which will remove the autoexec script after it has run once. Another option determines whether the autoexec script will be run right before a file is opened or right after. Note that 'before loading' does not affect the to-be-loaded file but instead the currently loaded that is going to be replaced. Finally - there are three buttons in the 'Advanced' rollout to 1.) print all callback info to the Listener - 2.) remove all autoexec callbacks from the current scene and 3.) to manually test the current autoexec script(s).

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